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Water in the Basement – What to do

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 05, 2013

As a homeowner, there is almost nothing worse than a wet basement. If there is a basement water issue, a heavy rainfall usually sends water seeping into the basement, damaging possessions as well as the structure of your home. Spring in Boston sees many homeowners with wet basements.

If you have basement water, you are not alone. More than 25% of homeowners with basements have this problem. The first step is to determine where the water is coming from and it could be coming from many places.

One source of water is condensation. Basements can be damp because they are below ground. Sometimes, weather shifts can create water problems, with moisture forming on the walls and dripping to the floor. You can counteract condensation by running a basement dehumidifier.

If the water is seeping into the walls from the outside you need to learn where the outside water is coming from. In most cases it is coming from the roof. If you home lacks adequate gutters or if the gutters are dirty, water will pour off the roof and erode the ground next to your home's foundation.

Water can also seep into cracks in the foundation if the ground slopes toward the house. A patio or driveway that slopes toward the house instead of away from it will funnel hundreds of gallons of water to your foundation during a heavy rain storm.

If you identify the source of the water from the roof take steps to address it by cleaning and repairing gutters and be sure water from downspout flows away from the house. If that is the only way water is entering the basement, that should take care of the problem.

There are contractors that specialize in basement and foundation crack repair to address wet basements. If you feel you need A-1 Foundation Crack Repair to fix your problem, get reference and see our reviews and testimonials. Feel free to contact us.

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