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This podcast provides expert wall and basement crack repair tips for homeowners and businesses. A1 Foundation's valuable insight and information will help avert the disaster of a flooded basement and save you money.

Episode 387 – Why is my precast bulkhead leaking at the bottom of the stairs?

We’re in the rainy season of Spring so the basement waterproofing industry business is picking up. In this episode, Adam explains why precast bulkheads leak and how you stop the water from coming in.

Episode 386 - I have an older house that has a leak at the seam where the floor and wall meet. What can I do about it?

It’s kind of expected that an older home will develop a leak at some point. Is the floor & wall seam leak a normal issue A1 Foundation Crack Repair runs into? Adam explains why older homes can develop a leak at the seam where the floor and wall meet and what you can do about it.

Episode 385 - What types of bulkheads give homeowners the most headaches?

A bulkhead is a structure that provides access to the basement and there are several different types. In this episode, Adam explains the different types of bulkheads and how A1 Foundation Crack Repair maintains and waterproofs them.

Episode 384 - My newer home is leaking at the seam where the floor and wall meet. What’s happening there?

Is it common to have a leak at the seam where the floor and wall meet in a newer home? One would think newer construction wouldn’t have problems like that but occasionally, it does. The CrackDaddy explains why and how he fixes it.

Episode 383 - My basement smells musty, is there a way to fix that?

Does a musty basement mean you have a water leak somewhere? What could be the problem if a basement smells like mold or mildew? Adam Tracy, The Crack Daddy, explains

Episode 382 - How can I waterproof my basement before I finish it?

If a homeowner is spending a lot of money to finish their basement, it’s only natural that they would want some kind of guarantee that they won’t have to rip it up in a year to fix a water leak. Is there something you can do to waterproof a basement to prevent water leaks?

Episode 381 - People say I need to waterproof my basement. How do I do that?

Basement waterproofing is quite a broad topic. How do you waterproof a basement? Adam explains basement waterproofing at the 30,000 foot level.

Episode 380 - I have a sump pump, but what happens if my power fails?

Since sump pumps are operated by electricity, what happens if your power fails for a long period of time? Are you at risk of a flooded basement? Adam talks about battery back-up systems for sump pumps.

Episode 379 - The case of the bulkhead with a cold joint

In this episode, Adam shares an interesting case study about a bulkhead with a cold joint and how he solved this mysterious leak.

Episode 378 - My neighbor thinks I need a sump pump. Do I really need one?

Sump pumps are often used to pump water out of a basement when water leaks occur. Is that a prime solution or are sump pumps simply a Band-Aid for the real cause of the water problem?

Episode 377 - The foundation on my new addition is leaking where it meets the old foundation. Why?

Imagine the frustration a homeowner would feel if after all the expense of building an addition, the seam where the old foundation and new foundation meets suddenly starts leaking. What’s going on there?

Episode 376 - What are common issues found in block foundations?

Most foundations A1 Foundation Crack Repair deals with today are stone foundations and concrete foundations. But there are some structures they come across that have block foundations. What are the common issues they typically see with those?

Episode 375 - When is it time to replace my lally column?

Lally columns play an important role in holding up your home and keeping the flooring level. Since they’re so critical, how do you know when it’s time to repair or replace one? Adam shares his considerable experience with lally columns and when it’s time to call in a pro to fix one.

Episode 374 - Why is there always dust and sand by my Stone foundation?

Stone foundations are found in old homes before the requirements of modern construction standards. So, if you are seeing dust and sand next to your stone foundation, is that a sign that it’s failing? Adam explains what to do.

Episode 373 - That leak in my basement, is it a cracked pipe or a leaky pipe penetration?

Plumbers get a lot of calls to fix leaky pipes when in fact the pipe is fine, but the hole the pipe is going through is the actual culprit. In this episode, Adam shares his experience with leaky pipe penetrations and what you can do about them.

Episode 372 - My old house has a stone foundation. What should I be doing to maintain it?

A home with a stone foundation would indicate that the home is pretty old. So, if you have a stone foundation, there are some things you should be doing to keep it in good shape. Adam explains.

Episode 371 - Should I worry about my basement wall crack during the winter?

Winter is here and as we know, homeowners like to postpone crack repairs until they start to leak. How much of a problem are the procrastinators looking at if they wait until Spring to fix a basement wall crack?

Episode 370 - My basement floor has a crack that is heaving upward. What happened?

A customer recently sent A1 Foundation Crack Repair some pictures of a basement floor that looked like an alien jumped out of it. Why would a basement floor do that?

Episode 369 - I’m starting to find cracks in my basement floor, should I be worried?

Cracks in concrete are as inevitable as death and taxes. So, if a homeowner starts seeing cracks in their basement floor, what should they do?

Episode 368 - I’m selling a house with long-time foundation cracks, should I worry about them?

So the scenario is this. A home seller has had a long-time foundation crack in the basement floor or foundation wall. Should they be concerned about it? The CrackDaddy explains the options available.

Episode 367 - Should I be worried about foundation cracks in the home I am buying?

Imagine a scenario in which a prospective home buyer notices a crack in the basement floor or foundation wall. How troubling is this? Is it something they should have fixed before they agree to a sale? The CrackDaddy opines.

Episode 366 - With freezing temps on the way, should I hold off on my foundation repair project?

We’re starting to see some freezing temperatures at night. If someone has a foundation crack, should they hold off until Spring to do it given the temperatures needed to cure a repair job?

Episode 365 - Why is water pouring in through my basement window?

Adam sent over a video showing water pouring through a basement window around the edges. How can something like that happen? Adam explains how water can start pouring through a basement window and what you can do about it.

Episode 364 - Is a concrete foundation in trouble if it becomes discolored in several places?

So your concrete foundation wall or floor has become discolored in several places. Are you looking at an expensive repair bill or is this really nothing to worry about? The Crack Daddy explains.

Episode 363 - Why should a foundation crack be repaired?

As the Crackman has always said, there are 2 certainties in life: death and concrete will eventually crack. So if your foundation develops a crack, when should you think about fixing it? When water starts gushing in? The Crackman makes a special appearance to explain.

Episode 362 - What is a cold joint as it pertains to foundations?

In the electronics world, a cold joint is a solder joint that looks good but doesn’t actually conduct electricity. What in the world is a cold joint when it comes to foundations? Adam explains.

Episode 361 - What does it mean when you need multiple sumps in your basement?

Why does a home need a sump pump? And, what does it mean if you need multiple sump pumps? Adam explains and shares his thoughts on this cautionary scenario.

Episode 360 - How are these rodents getting into my house?

This is the time of year is when people start seeing more rodents in their homes than usual. Adam explains why rodent traffic increases and what you can do to plug the entryways.

Episode 359 - When do I need to worry about rust on my lally column?

Lally columns perform a vital role in your home. If it fails, your house is in trouble. Since modern lally columns are made of steel, it follows that rust can become an issue. What can you tell us about a rusting lally column?

Episode 358 - Can road construction cause my foundation to leak?

Road construction is usually a pain for everyone around it, but this is a new twist most people don’t think about. Can road construction really do a number on your foundation?

Episode 357 - What to look for when hiring a basement waterproofing contractor

We hear horror stories all the time where people have been victimized by nefarious contractors. When hiring a basement waterproofing contractor, what can a homeowner do to ensure they hire a reputable contractor to avoid getting ripped off? Adam Tracy explains.

Episode 356 - How does summer humidity affect a home’s basement?

We all suffer from summer humidity. It’s terrible this time of year. In this episode, Adam explains how summer humidity affects a home’s basement..

Episode 355 - Why is there a long, horizontal crack at the top of my foundation?

Adam has another interesting case study in this episode. He sent some pictures for the blog of a house with a long horizontal crack at the top of the foundation, just above the soil line on the outside. He explains how rusting rebar can affect a home’s foundation and how the fix can be far less expensive than what the homeowner was led to believe.

Episode 354 - Why is there a puddle in my basement every morning?

In this interesting case study, Adam explains why a homeowner might find a mysterious water puddle in their basement every morning. Is it a phantom or something equally sinister? The CrackDaddy explains.

Episode 353 - What do foundation cracks and termites have in common?

When you think of concrete, the last thing you think of is termites, given the little critters feed on wood and not concrete. What in the world do termites and foundation cracks have in common?

Episode 352 - What to do when you unexpectedly find water in your basement

A1 Foundation Crack Repair has earned--through excellence, integrity, and hard work--over 300 5-star Google reviews. One that came in the other day where the customer was absolutely gushing about a call with A1 where they didn’t actually do any work for them. What happened there?

Episode 351 - My insurance company is cancelling my policy for foundation cracks. What can I do?

An insurance company cancelling a homeowner’s policy can be quite disconcerting, especially when it’s for foundation structural issues. A1 Foundation Crack Repair has dealt with this issue a number of times. Tony how A1 has helped customers get this situation resolved.

Episode 350 - Oh shoot! There’s water coming out of my coal chute.

Adam shares an interesting case study about a leaking coal chute. He explains how he was able to stop the leak in this legacy apparatus no longer in use.

Episode 349 - Is it a good idea to Epoxy a basement or garage floor?

It seems to be a fad these days to lay down a fancy epoxy resin over the garage floor to spiff it up and cover up blemishes. Seems like a nice upgrade; but, is it a good idea from a concrete maintenance perspective?

Episode 348 - Huge home addition causes major concrete foundation issue for homeowner

The CrackDaddy extols another interesting case study...this time about a huge home addition that caused a major concrete foundation issue for the homeowner.

Episode 347 - Self-healing concrete–stranger than fiction or the wave of the future?

We all love the X-men character, Wolverine, who can self-heal wounds in seconds. But of course, that’s just fantasy. Is self-healing concrete pure fantasy or something that really exists? Adam Tracy breaks it down for us.

Episode 346 - Why do bulkheads tend to leak in early Spring?

Spring weather can fluctuate wildly, going from freezing cold to quite warm in the matter of days. How does that affect how watertight a bulkhead can be?

Episode 345 - Why are foundations in some Massachusetts homes crumbling?

There is a phenomenon in Massachusetts where some foundations in homes are crumbling for no apparent reason. In this episode, Adam explains why some foundations are crumbling due to pyrrhotite and what can be done about it.

Episode 344 - Creative DIY remedies for foundation crack repair

It’s only natural for a homeowner to try and fix problems with their house on their own before calling in a professional. The Crackman has seen some doozies in his 3+ decades as the Crackman. Listen in as he regales us with some of his favorite DIY disaster stories.

Episode 343 - Spring rains are coming. How will that affect my basement?

It’s been a warm winter and now we’re just into Spring, which brings a lot of rain. How could that affect a homeowner’s basement?

Episode 342 - After a hard freeze, an Attleboro customer suddenly had water in the basement. Why?

The Northeast frequently gets hard, deep freezes. When that happens, A1 Foundation Crack Repair gets a lot of phone calls. Here's why.

Episode 341 - Why it is a good idea to fix stone foundation issues in the winter

It’s pretty obvious that fixing holes in a foundation is good idea, but why is it especially important to fix stone foundations in the winter? The Crackman explains.

Episode 340 - It’s the middle of winter…why is my basement flooding?

To some it may seem counterintuitive that you’d be getting a ton of water in the basement in the winter, but it happens quite a bit. Why is that? Adam explains why basements can flood, even during winter.

Episode 339 - What are the hazards of incorrectly installing a lally column?

Over the years, we’ve covered a ton of DIY disasters but this case study involves a contractor who bit off more than he could chew. Adam explains what can happen if you start digging around your foundation without the expertise to do so.

Episode 338 - How can felling trees around a house affect its foundation?

Most homeowners know that having a large tree too close to the house can be bad on several different fronts. But what are the ramifications of felling one with respect to the foundation? Adam explains how felling trees around a house can affect the foundations of nearby homes.

Episode 337 - My lally column is badly rusting. At what point should I be concerned?

In this episode, Adam has another interesting case study about a customer who was concerned about a rusting lally column. He explains how important it is to maintain one’s lally columns.

Episode 336 - How do I stop getting basement water through my bulkhead?

In this episode, Adam shares this case study and explains how leaking bulkheads can introduce water into the basement and how to fix it.

Episode 335 - My lally column split down the middle…is this something to worry about?

In this episode, Adam talks about an image he shared on his blog that shows a picture of a busted lally column and explains why it’s so important to address it with a professional.

Episode 334 - Digging out your own basement stairwell…good idea or bad idea?

Last week’s podcast was a warning of why it’s a bad idea to dig out a swimming pool in your basement. On the heels of that, we have another DIY self-digging project gone bad. Adam explains what happened in this fascinating case study.

Episode 333 - Is it a good idea to turn your basement into a swimming pool?

We’ve had several episodes in the past that dealt with flooding so bad, it looked like the homeowner had a swimming pool in their basement. So, what if the homeowner actually wanted a pool in their basement? Is it a good idea to dig one yourself? The CrackDaddy analyzes.

Episode 332 - What happens when a newly constructed house overloads the main beam on a concrete wall?

In a newly constructed house, especially with today’s strict construction standards, the last thing a homeowner should worry about is the foundation the home is sitting on. In this episode, Adam discusses a situation a homeowner faced when this very issue came to a head.

Episode 331 - I spray foamed my basement to stop a leak and water is still coming in

Over the years we’ve covered many a DIY project gone bad on this podcast. On this episode, The Crack Daddy extols his thoughts about spray foam as a water leak prevention method.

Episode 330 - Can a house fire affect the structural integrity of the home’s foundation?

A house fire is bad enough but depending on the severity of the damage, you might be able to save the home. But what about the foundation? How does a fire affect it?

Episode 329 - How can Lead Paint affect a foundation repair project?

Modern homes won’t have a trace of lead in the paint and other construction materials, but older homes will sometimes have legacy paint that contains lead. How does that affect your repair work if you run into a home with lead paint?

Episode 328 - It’s Fall! Prepare your home now to avoid basement water problems later

On the date of this recording, it was the Autumnal Equinox. It's still Fall so now is a great time to talk about ways to prepare for the inevitable cooler temps and rain coming soon. The Crackman returns to enlighten us on what we can be doing now to avoid costly issues later.

Episode 327 - Various ways too much rain can cause basement water problems

In our podcast last week, we were talking about the drought. This week, the weather turned 180 and as a consequence, we have an interesting case study from Cranston RI. The CrackDaddy enlightens us.

Episode 326 - Hoe can I have water in my basement during a drought?

The drought this year is real. How can a basement flood with no rain? The CrackDaddy explains.

Episode 325 - Can fixing my concrete basement cracks help reduce my elevated radon problem?

Radon is a known problem and families who have elevated radon levels naturally want to alleviate the threat. If you have basement cracks, will getting them fixed help solve the problem? The CrackDaddy explains.

Episode 324 - We’re in the middle of a drought, so why is my foundation leaking?

It’s been fairly dry this season. We’re in a drought, actually. So, if the soil around your house is dry, how could water be coming into a basement? Adam Tracy explains.

Episode 323 - Why is my new drain system not solving my basement water problem?

Once can imagine the frustration a homeowner would feel if they just spent a boat load of cash on a basement water problem and it didn’t fix the problem. Adam Tracy, aka The CrackDaddy, enlightens us with another great case study.

Episode 322 - The impact the housing market has on foundation crack repairs

The housing market has been absolutely bonkers over the last year. Now loan rates are going through the roof, we have super high inflation, and there’s talk about a recession. Adam discusses what he is seeing from his perspective.

Episode 321 - Who is responsible for fixing basement crack issues in condominiums?

It’s great to know that A1 Foundation Crack Repair can fix basement water issues in homes, businesses, and condominiums. Recently, A1 got called into a condo to fix some issues in Lowell Massachusetts. Who was responsible for the repair, the homeowner or the condo association?

Episode 320 - My Garage’s Block Foundation is bowing out. Is this a high-dollar fix?

In this episode, the CrackDaddy shares a case study where a homeowner received several high-dollar estimates to fix a garage wall that was bowing out. A1 Foundation Crack Repair was called in to assess the situation and ended up fixing the problem for 1/10 of the other estimates. See what happened.

Episode 319 - What is the worst that can happen if I dig out around my foundation?

Suppose a homeowner thinks they have a good reason to dig out the dirt surrounding a home’s foundation. Is it a good idea? The CrackDaddy, Adam Tracy, explains why digging out the dirt around a home’s foundation could lead to catastrophic results.

Episode 318 - The ramifications of not fixing basement water leaks in a Cape Cod vacation home

In this episode, Adam Tracy shares an interesting case study that is a warning tale for owners of vacation rental properties.

Episode 317 - It’s been exceptionally dry so why is there water in my basement?

We’re looking at mid-90s this coming weekend and aside from an occasional thunderstorm, it’s been pretty dry outside. Why would people have water collecting in their basements when it's so dry? The CrackDaddy explains.

Episode 316 - A Crack Daddy Case Study: What can be done about a block foundation that’s bowing in?

In this episode, Adam Tracy shares an interesting case study about a bowing block foundation that a concerned homeowner called about. The Crack Daddy explains what can be done about a block foundation that is bowing in.

Episode 315 - The concrete on my basement floor seems to be deteriorating. What can I do?

It’s Spring and many people are doing Spring clean-up and moving things around in their basement. That’s when they notice the floor seems to be pitting and cracking. That’s something that should be addressed, right? Adam Tracy explains.

Episode 314 - The mortar between the stones on my stone foundation is turning to powder…why?

If you have a stone foundation, you may have seen a white powdery substance on the floor next to the foundation wall. What is this stuff and what should be done about it? The Crackman explains.

Episode 313 - Should I waive my home inspection?

With this raging real estate market, prospective home buyers are willing to waive their home inspection in order to make their offer seem more attractive. Is this a good idea? Adam explains the ramifications of waiving a home inspection when purchasing a home.

Episode 312 - I’ve tried everything to fix this leak, is it even possible to fix it?

If you've been battling a basement water leak for a while, you might start wondering if you can DIY a basement water leak to death? Fear not, the pros at A1 Foundation Crack Repair have literally seen it all and can rescue a homeowner from all their mistakes.

Episode 311 - Can blasting near a new housing community affect the foundations of nearby homes?

In this interesting episode, the Crack Daddy shares a very interesting case study regarding how mining in a quarry inadvertently affected the foundations of homes in a nearby community.

Episode 310 - Case study: The impact of the Freeze-Thaw cycle on your foundation

Late winter and early Spring can usher in some pretty weird weather patterns. A major blizzard can be followed by several 70-degree days followed by more freezing weather. That can wreak havoc on concrete and particularly, one's foundation. Adam shares a case study.

Episode 309 - Case study: City water meter repair job causes major basement water leak - Waltham MA

A1 Foundation Crack Repair responds to the "Bat signal" on a daily basis. In this case study, we learn that the folks in this Waltham MA home were pretty happy to see our favorite basement crack repair specialists on their doorstep after a botched repair job. It’s great to know that A1’s super heroes are ready, willing, and able to respond to just about any emergency.

Episode 308 - How winter weather can wreak havoc on your foundation

The Northeast just received nearly 2 feet of snow from the nor’easter cyclone bomb. With that came arctic-like temperatures. In this episode, Adam Tracy explains how winter weather can wreak havoc on your foundation.

Episode 307 - Why isn’t my DIY crack repair using hydraulic cement working?

The big box stores do a great job of hyping crack repair products but they don’t really seem to do the job as advertised. Why is that? Adam explains why a DIY crack repair using hydraulic cement doesn’t always work.

Episode 306 - How can poor landscaping decisions affect your foundation?

On the 14th hole of a local golf course, a house is being built on the side of a hill. The street level is even with the top of the second story, just to give you an idea of the slope. That could be a problem if the builders don’t figure out a way to divert the water run-off. Adam explains the ramifications of poor landscape design when it comes to foundations.

Episode 305 - How can fixing your home’s foundation make it more energy efficient?

Modern homes are extremely efficient but many people own very old homes. A gaping hole in the foundation can make it costly to heat or cool. The Crack Daddy explains how to make an older home with a fieldstone foundation more energy efficient.

Episode 304 - Moldy basement nearly tanks home sale for first time sellers and buyers - Worcester MA

A moldy basement won't pass most home inspections and it certainly won’t pass the smell test. In this episode, Adam shares a case study on how a moldy basement can easily tank a home sale.

Episode 303 - Hidden dangers - how poor topography can adversely affect your foundation

When a homeowner thinks about home improvements, they normal consider the aesthetics of the improvement. But that might be putting the cart before the horse if you have topographical issues that can adversely affect the very foundation of your house. The CrackDaddy explains.

Episode 302 - The case of the mysterious basement wall crack leak - Providence RI

The Crackman got a call from a customer who had a typical wall crack–one that is vertical in nature and sort of meanders with no defined pattern, but that’s not where it was leaking. Instead, the water was coming from where the floor and wall meet at the seam. How does that happen?

Episode 301 - How basement leaks can ruin your foundation during the winter -- Waltham MA

If you put a jar of turkey stock in the freezer after Thanksgiving and make the mistake of overfilling the jar, the jar will break. So, could the same thing happen to a basement if you have a water leak and a hard freeze?

Episode 300 - Will a combination of FlexSeal and Waterproofing Paint stop water from coming into the basement? -- Woburn MA

Well, is milestone day as this is our 300th episode of the Crackman podcast. During these 300 episodes, we have covered in great detail how FlexSeal does an exceedingly poor job of stopping basement water leaks for the long term. So how about this...what if you paint the leaking area with waterproofing paint first and THEN apply the FlexSeal? It’s like double the protection, right?

Episode 299 - The torrential rains have why is water still coming into my basement? -- Belmont MA

During the torrential rains of late summer and early fall, A1 Foundation Crack Repair was absolutely slammed with work fixing basement water problems. But it’s been relatively dry for the last month, so why would water still be flooding certain basements?

Episode 298 - Everything you wanted to know about bulkheads but were too afraid to ask

Bulkheads are an integral part of the foundation and basement. A1 Foundation Crack Repair gets a lot of calls about them, especially when they are leaking. The Crack Daddy covers this topic in detail.

Episode 297 - What are those horizontal cracks in my basement floor? - Weston Mass

Some cracks are pretty easy to identify due to their meandering, spidering appearance. But straight, horizontal cracks are something else entirely. In this episode, Adam, talks about these manmade horizontal cracks, or expansion joints, and how and when to fix them.

Episode 296 - A key Winter preparedness tip to keep foundations in good shape

Winter is fast approaching, believe it or not. In this episode, The Crackdaddy gives an important tip to keep your foundation in check during the freezing temperatures.

Episode 295 - I have water in my basement. What do I do?

There are better ways to wake up than to walk downstairs and find standing water in your basement. The initial steps are common. Step #1: issue a heavy stream of vulgarities. Step #2, beg forgiveness for your verbal transgressions. Step #3: ask, “What do I do to fix this?” In this episode, Adam talks about Step #3.

Episode 294 - The weather’s getting I need to wait for foundation crack repairs?

Most people know that concrete doesn’t cure in the freezing weather. If someone needs to effect some concrete repairs in their basement, do they need to wait for warmer weather to get them fixed? Adam Tracy explains.

Episode 293 - Why are my lally columns rusting out? - Lexington MA

Lally columns are pretty important to a home. In this episode, the Crackman explains what a lally column is, why it would start rusting, and what can happen if you don’t deal with it.

Episode 292 - Where did my basement utility leak come from? - Shrewsbury MA

The Crackman has been getting a lot of calls from homeowners complaining about basement utility rooms leaks. What could be causing that? The Crackman explains.

Episode 291 - The Crack Daddy had water in his basement...WHAT? - Marlboro MA

Adam, the Crackdaddy, and the Crackman have been fixing the basement water problems of other people for many, many years. In this episode, Adam recounts a story where he turned himself into a customer.

Episode 290 - I’ve never had water in my basement. Why now? - Arlington MA

The CrackDaddy and his "crack" team of water remediation experts do a lot of repairs on old homes, especially stone foundations, but with newer construction, homeowners get to enjoy a pristine basement for a number of years before they end up with basement water issues. That's why it can be quite horrifying when a basement water leak happens the first time.

Episode 289 - Do I have to worry about a Miami condo-style collapse in my home?

The news out of Miami is horrifying and it sounds like the foundation was the primary culprit. The Crackman discusses the large influx of calls from people worried about their foundation doing the same thing.

Episode 288 - Is my basement water problem a broken pipe or something else? -- Milton MA

There is a certain amount of sleuthing that goes on when diagnosing a basement water problem. Sometimes a homeowner reports one thing but the investigation finds something completely different. In this episode, Adam explains how a basement water problem might seem like a broken pipe when, in fact, it is something else entirely.

Episode 287 - Can little pieces of metal sticking out of my foundation wall cause a problem? -- A listener inquiry from Shrewsbury MA

If a homeowner is a stickler for aesthetics, one might imagine they may have an issue with little pieces of metal sticking out of their foundation wall, but is there a more insidious reason why they might be concerned about this phenomenon? The Crackman answers.

Episode 286 - How do I fix a leak around my basement window? - Worcester MA

This time of year we tend to get a lot of torrential downpours. If you have a leaky basement window, you’re gonna know about it pretty quickly. In this episode, The Crackman explains how to fix a leaky basement window.

Episode 285 - Did A1 Foundation Crack Repair really fix a swimming pool in Brookline MA?

A1 Foundation Crack Repair has fixed a lot of interesting problems over the years but they were recently hired to fix a serious swimming pool issue. Listen to this fascinating story now.

Episode 284 - A1 Foundation Crack Repair saves stone foundation repair job -- Worcester MA

In his 25 years as the Crackman, Rich Comeras has seen many DIY jobs gone bad. But he's also seen professional repair jobs gone bad, as well. In this episode, Rich explains a story that illustrates how A1 Foundation Crack Repair often feels like a life raft for desperate homeowners, shipwrecked by a crippling basement water problem.

Episode 283 - What can happen if I don’t repoint my stone foundation? -- North Attleboro MA

When the mortar holding a stone foundation starts to crumble, it might be time to repoint it. We’ve talked about it in a lot of previous podcasts but what if a homeowner decides to be complacent and not fix their stone foundation? What are some of the ramifications of that bad decision? The Crackman explains.

Episode 282 - Crumbling Concrete Foundation...a cautionary tale in Quincy MA

Not all foundations are created equally and as A1’s Civil Engineer, Adam Tracy has seen some bad ones . In this episode, Adam shares a cautionary tale with our listeners about a crumbling foundation.

Episode 281 - So, you think you have Basement Water problems…check out this bubbler in Leominster MA

That Crackman has colorfully covered numerous basement water problems over the years. In this episode, he tells the story of a video posted to his blog that shows water bubbling up out of the floor.

Episode 280 - A1 Foundation Crack Repair saves Real Estate deal for Frantic Real Estate Agent -- Stoughton MA

A1 Foundation Crack Repair is known for saving real estate deals that are on the brink of disaster due to unexpected basement water leaks. The Crackman recounts a recent event where he saved a deal for a grateful Homeowner and real estate agent.

Episode 279 - It hasn’t rained in several weeks so why is my basement foundation leaking? -- Belmont MA

Most basement water leaks occur when it rains a lot and the ground saturates. So, why would a basement wall crack still be leaking when it’s dry outside? The Crack Daddy, Adam Tracy, explains.

Episode 278 - How Big of an Issue is a Hairline Crack in a Basement Wall? – Waltham MA

As you are prepping your house for sale, you notice a hairline crack in your basement wall. It's just a thin, tiny crack. How big of an issue is it, really?

Episode 277 - What can be done about block foundations that bow inwards? -- Reading MA

Adam Tracy, aka The CrackDaddy, aka The Engineer on staff, is here with us to share some more of his engineering wisdom with us. In this episode, Adam explains why foundations bow inward and what can be done about it?

Episode 276 - Can I get a 2nd opinion on a Foundation Crack Repair? -- Lexington MA

Holy moley! Imagine you're a homeowner with a basement water leak and you spend 10s of thousands of dollars to fix it and it still leaks! You would be scorching mad to have spent so much money on a failed fix action that could’ve been repaired properly for a fraction of the cost. Here’s why you should get a 2nd opinion.

Episode 275 - My foundation is leaking. Can I fix it myself? -- Shrewsbury MA

In our last episode, the CrackDaddy, Adam Tracy, regaled us with a DIY horror story about a homeowner who attempted to stop basement water leaks from his stone foundation using DryLok as a paint and waterproofing method. It’s episode 274 and definitely worth a few minutes to listen to. So, is it a good idea for homeowners to go the DIY route first before calling in a pro?

Episode 274 - Does Drylok really work for basement waterproofing?

In this episode, the Engineer, Adam Tracy, aka The CrackDaddy is here to share his vast wisdom with us. You may have perused the aisles of Lowes and seen an abundance of DryLok and maybe you've wondered if using a product like this to paint a foundation wall for beautification and waterproofing purposes is a good idea. Tune in for this wealth of important info.

Episode 273 - Help! I found an additional leak in my finished basement -- Worcester MA

Invariably, when maintenance workers are on a call, the customer has a “while you’re here” task for them. So, it's kind of an add-on to the original job. The Crackman is no different and in this episode, he shares a “while you’re here” story.

Episode 272 - Nor'easter devastates foundation of home in Sandwich MA

This episode comes with a picture on the blog post at It shows a home that was devastated by a Nor'easter. The foundation was ripped from the bottom of the house. The damage is massive! The Crackman explains.

Episode 271 - My beautiful foundation--why is it starting to crack? -- Providence RI

One can imagine a homeowner’s chagrin when they go down to their beautiful, flawless basement and suddenly find cracks in their basement walls and foundation. In this episode, The Crackman explains why a pristine foundation would suddenly start to crack.

Episode 270 - Multiple basement cracks but only one is leaking--should I fix them all? -- Shrewsbury Mass

Let’s say I have a crack leaking in my basement but a neighboring crack is not. If I only fix the leaking crack, would the other one start to leak? Kinda like the boy and the dike story...would I start to run out of fingers after a while?

Episode 269 - Perimeter drains vs crack repair: which one do I need?

Installing a perimeter drain in the basement is not an inexpensive venture, so if you have a basement water problem, when do you know it’s time to install a perimeter drain versus just fixing the water leak? The Crack Daddy, Adam Tracy, explains.

Episode 268 - Why is my foundation leaking when it never leaked before? - Waltham MA

Modern homes are pretty well built and one can imagine how disconcerting it is to suddenly find a leak in the basement after never having had a leak before. The homeowner goes through a wide range of emotions and questions...the biggest one being, why is my foundation leaking?

Episode 267 - What can I use to stop a floor/wall seam water leak in my basement? - Wellesley MA

The Crackman receives a lot of interesting pics of basement problems. In this episode, Rich explains a picture that shows a pair of pants that are spread across the seam between the floor and wall and they’re wet.

Episode 266 - What is that white fluffy stuff on my basement wall? - Maynard MA

Accompanying this blog post is a picture that looks like a bunch of white fluffy powder on a basement wall. What are we looking at here? Is it snow? Baby powder?In this episode, Rich explains "efflorescence" and what can be done about it.

Episode 265 - When is it time to repoint a stone foundation? Worcester MA

As we’ve learned in the 6+ years of doing this podcast, stone foundations are a legacy construct from about 80 years ago. In typical fashion, many homeowners tend to ignore the little issues with their homes until they become big issues. So, if you have a stone foundation with some holes and obvious issues, when do you know it’s time to do something about it? The Crackman explains.

Episode 264 - Urgent Masonry Repair job saves real estate deal - Bellingham MA

The Crackman has saved many real estate deals in his 25+ years in business. Usually, he's responding to an urgent basement water problem but this time it had to do with masonry repair work. It’s good to know The Crackman can do masonry repair work on top of basement waterproofing and eradication.

Episode 263 - Is it safe to keep a pet in your basement? - Marlboro MA

People love their fur babies and sometimes they need to get them out of the way. Is the basement a good choice to lock them away, or are there hidden dangers there that pet owners need to be concerned about? The Crackman explains.

Episode 262 - My sump pump alarm is suddenly going nuts. What should I do? -- Sudbury Mass

We’ve all been awakened by the annoying chirping of a smoke alarm with low batteries. Does a sump pump alarm fall into the same category? The Crackman shares an interesting tale.

Episode 261 - Help! Water is coming into my finished basement and it’s ruining everything -- Holden Mass

The Crackman frequently receives urgent phone calls to help get customers out of basement water jams. In this episode, Rich recounts a recent problem he rectified for a customer with a finished basement.

Episode 260 - DIY Flex Seal repair on basement wall crack nearly kills Real Estate deal in Franklin MA

In this episode, Rich discusses another sad tale of a Homeowner trying to do a basement wall crack repair with a product that doesn't quite hold up to the test of time. Hopefully, homeowners will take heed and realize they need to leave their foundation crack repair job to an expert like the Crackman.

Episode 259 - How to monitor suspicious, leaking basement wall cracks and avoid disaster -- Weston MA

If you’ve got a suspicious wall crack and don’t want to invest in fixing it right now, how do you monitor it for leaking without sitting right in front of it and watching it. The Crackman offers 3 ways to do it.

Episode 258 - Temporary Lally Columns - why the word “Temporary” is so critical -- West Roxbury Mass

In this episode, we have the Crackdaddy, Adam Tracy, the Engineer, himself, here to talk to us about temporary lally columns. Adam explains why it is critically important to make your temporary lally columns permanent as soon as practical.

Episode 257 - Help! My stone foundation is squirting water! Sudbury Massachusetts

So, when water is squirting out of your stone foundation, it’s not a good sign that everything is well, right? The Crackman shares a case study.

Episode 256 - What’s the best way to prepare my stone foundation for winter in Massachusetts?

Winter is still a few months out. Is there anything a homeowner can do during the lovely Fall weather to prepare their stone foundations for winter? The Crackman gives practical tips.

Episode 255 - How a disconnected downspout can do serious damage to your foundation - Watertown Mass

In this episode, we have Adam Tracy -- AKA The Crack Daddy -- with us to share an important case study and wake-up call for homeowners. The foot stomp couldn’t be any louder. Check those downspouts today!

Episode 254 - Why is my basement getting water during this drought? - Boston Massachusetts

It hasn’t rained in weeks and the Crackman has been getting calls about basement water issues. One would think a basement water remediation expert like Rich Comeras would be taking a vacation during a dry spell. In this episode, Rich explains how a basement can have water puddles during a drought.

Episode 253 - Do I really need a sump pump and perimeter drain for my stone foundation? - Andover Mass

The Crackman saved this person over $10,000. If you think you need an expensive repair for a basement water problem, it’s probably a good idea to get a second opinion from a trusted basement water eradication expert like the Crackman before you proceed.

Episode 252 - Help! I have things growing out of my Stone Foundation -- Bolton Mass

The Crackman has talked about stone foundation repointing, repair, and resurfacing in the past, but he's never talked about using a stone foundation as a vegetable garden. Is this something new?

Episode 251 - Can Flex Tape fix a leaking Foundation Wall Crack -- Canton Mass

While it’s natural that a Homeowner would want to try the DIY route first, the Crackman's Flex Seal case studies will help people find the best solution the first time.

Episode 250 - How can I fix a leaking basement window? -- Worcester Mass

The Crackman has seen a leaking window or two in his 25+ years of doing the foundation crack repair business. In this episode, Rich explains what a homeowner should do if they have a leaky window?

Episode 249 - Why digging too close to a stone foundation is a bad idea - Shrewsbury Mass

In this episode, the Crackman explains a picture of the backside of a garage that obviously has a stone foundation with concrete blocks above it but wow! It looks like a mess! Rich explains what happens when you dig too close to a stone foundation.

Episode 248 - Do I really need a perimeter drain in my basement? -- Brookline Mass

The Home Construction industry is rife with crooks suggesting expensive fixes for problems that are easily remedied with less expensive repairs. The Crackman recently saved a customer in Brookline Massachusetts over $10,000 by implementing the proper fix to a basement water problem. In this episode, Rich explains how he did it.

Episode 247 - What could cause damage to this block foundation in Bellingham Massachusetts?

The Crackman's expertise was called in recently when a customer shared his concerns about a crumbling block foundation. Those blocks are pretty strong, so what could cause them to crumble?

Episode 246 - Will putting in a Radon system put cracks in my foundation? - Fitchburg MA

In this episode, the Crackman clears up a concern from a customer in Fitchburg Massachusetts who was worried that putting in a Radon system would put cracks in the foundation floor. The bottom line is, if you are worried about foundation cracks, give the Crackman a call and he’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Episode 245 - Why doesn’t my DIY foundation wall crack repair in Newton Mass last more than a year?

In this episode, A1’s engineer on staff, Adam Tracy, AKA the Crack Daddy, explains why most home DIY foundation wall crack repairs fail so quickly.

Episode 244 - Is your basement wall crack really leaking? - Danvers Mass

The Crackman covers another interesting case study. This time, it's about a mystery puddle in the basement.

Episode 243 - The Crackman helps Homeowner Solve a Garage Foundation problem in Auburn

The Crackman is in Hudson Massachusetts and the title alludes to him helping a person in Auburn Massachusetts, but they were actually a little farther away, in Auburn California. Rich shares a story about how he helped a desperate homeowner over 3,000 miles away solve a severe garage foundation issue.

Episode 242 - The Crackman gets identical basement water calls in Reading and Leominster Mass on the same day

Rich had 2 different calls that were basically identical--one from Reading Massachusetts and one from Leominster Massachusetts--where the callers complained about water collecting in the corners of the basement. In this episode, Rich explains how water can collect in basement corners on hot, humid days.

Episode 241 - Another Failed Flex Seal Foundation Crack Repair in Methuen Mass

The Crackman is no stranger to seeing FlexSeal attempts used in DIY home repairs for leaking basements. In this episode, Rich shares an amusing DIY fail using Flex Seal. Hopefully, people take heed and get a professional to fix basement foundation leaks in the after listening to this.

Episode 240 - Help! Why is my foundation wall seeping water? - Milford & Hopkinton Mass

The Crackman had a couple calls recently from Milford & Hopkinton Mass where people were complaining about water oozing through the foundation walls. Is that like something out of a horror movie or something a bit less sinister?

Episode 239 - Stone Foundation DIY project goes bad in Attleboro Massachusetts

In this episode, the Crackman discusses the before and after pictures attached to the blog post about this episode. It shows an incredible repair job that rivals the toughest jigsaw puzzle you've ever seen. Check it out.

Episode 238 - Leaking pipe penetration in Dedham MA floods basement

In this episode, we examine a picture the Crackman attached to his blog. It looks like a muddy pit that shows a pipe of some sort that is going into a foundation through a hole that is about 3 times bigger than the diameter of the pipe. What happened here? The Crackman explains.

Episode 237 - Do I really have water under my basement floor in Quincy MA?

The Crackman explains a video he received from a customer that shows him demonstrating how much water is under his concrete floor. There is an open hole in the corner and he is using a screwdriver to show how deep it is. We put the video on the blog so our viewers can see it. The Crackman explains.

Episode 236 - What do I do if my finished basement floods in Worcester Mass?

In his 25 years as the Crackman, Rich has seen a flooded basement or two. If a homeowner went down to his man cave and found a soaked carpet, step 1 would be to issue a torrent of expletives. What should the next step be?

Episode 235 - The Crackman helps customer with creative DIY temporary fix for basement wall leak

On his blog, The Crackman posted a picture that will make you laugh. Iit appears to be another creative way a homeowner dealt with a basement wall leak. But because of the COVID-19 shutdown, he couldn't get to the fix action right away so he advised him of a creative DIY temporary fix you have to see to believe.

Episode 234 - The Crackman answers phone 7 days a week and finally meets his match

The Crackman prides himself on his responsiveness to answering phone calls and providing assistance when needed, at all hours. In this case study, he reveals that he met his match with a particular customer. Have have to listen to believe it.

Episode 233 - What is the Risk of NOT repointing a Stone Foundation wall?

For years the Crackman been warning people not to let basement water problems to get out of deal with them before it gets too serious. In this episode, he gives us an example of a time where someone let their stone foundation leak just a little too long.

Episode 232 - A COVID-19 Update from the Crackman

A1 just got a glowing review on Yelp that reads: They did a great job on fixing a crack we had in the seam of our basement wall. Very professional, well priced, and they took all meticulous precautions given the pandemic. I would recommend them highly! In this episode, the Crackman talks about the "meticulous precautions" aspect of that review and what they are doing to protect his team and his customers.

Episode 231 - Strange Science--Cracks in Basement Concrete are actually Healing Themselves

Don't you love science fiction movies and TV shows that envision self-healing technologies? In this episode, Rich explains the so-called self-healing concrete crack repair technology.

Episode 230 - When is it time to install a sump pump in your home?

One can think of a sump pump like a bilge pump. Water will always find and collect at the lowest point, and will eventually need to be pumped out. So, when do you know it's time to install a sump pump in your home? When you find a lake in your basement? Adam Tracy discusses.

Episode 229 - Rats! I have mice in my basement. What can I do?

When it's cold and wet outside, a nice cozy basement seems pretty inviting for a rodent. In this episode, Rich explains how rodents get into the basement and what you can do about it.

Episode 228 - What is a difference between cement and concrete?

In this episode we have the Crack Daddy, Adam Tracy, telling us the difference between cement and concrete

Episode 227 - What is a concrete foundation footing and why should you care?

In this episode, we have the Crack Daddy, Adam Tracy, with us and he explains everything we need to know about concrete foundation footings.

Episode 226 - COVID-19 Shutdown--Why we're taking it seriously and so should you

In this episode, Crack Daddy, Adam Tracy, shares his experiences with the COVID-19 crisis with his listeners. Last week, we had the Crackman on the podcast and he explained how A1 Foundation Crack Repair was handling the local requirements of social distancing and other precautionary measures in their foundation crack repair business. Then, on the heels of that message, the Massachusetts governor ordered non-essential businesses to shut down. What does that mean for the crack repair business? Adam explains.

Episode 225 - COVID-19 and Foundation Crack Repair

The entire country has been affected by this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Public events are being cancelled, schools and restaurants are shutting down, and people are cowering in fear inside their homes, waiting for the nightmare to end. How is A1 Foundation Crack Repair balancing the need to provide important services like foundation crack repair and basement waterproofing, while ensuring the fears of their customers are being addressed?

Episode 224 - Is your foundation really leaking or is it something else?

When a person goes to the emergency room with an issue, the nurse usually does a lot of Q&A on their medical history and the issue at hand to determine what is really happening. Sometimes a person comes in for one reason and it turns out that something completely different is going on. The Crackman explains how he does a similar line of inquiry when someone calls him about a leaking foundation.

Episode 223 - Why am I suddenly starting to get Foundation Wall Cracks after 20 years?

The Crackman has been receiving some regular calls where people are complaining that their Foundation Walls, walls that have been pristine for years, are suddenly showing signs of cracks. One can imagine the first sign of cracks is cause for concern...people worrying that their house is about to crumble down. Rich explains how foundation wall cracks can suddenly appear after 20 years and what can be done about them.

Episode 222 - Snow Banks and Sill Plates...Do I need to Worry about Basement Water?

In this episode, we have Crack Daddy, Adam with us to talk about a particularly pesky basement water problem a lot of people contact him about. Adam explains how freezing water around your home's sill plate can cause basement water problems.

Episode 221 - Crackman Case Study: The mysterious garage floor foundation water leak

We have covered a wide variety of interesting case studies on this podcast. This episode covers one that was pretty out there. Take a quick listen.

Episode 220 - The Case of the Squirting Stone Foundation

In this episode, Rich, shares a crazy case study about a video that Crack Daddy, Adam, sent over. If we didn't know any better, we'd think they were trying to fill a swimming pool with the volume of water streaming into the basement. The customer was grateful that A1 Foundation Crack Repair was able to save them from sinking.

Episode 219 - Crazy looking spider web of basement walls cracks explained

In this episode, Crack Daddy himself, Adam Tracy, shares a case study on a pretty gnarly basement wall crack problem. The blog has pictures of these cracks so be sure to visit to see them

Episode 218 - A Crackman Case Study: Leaking faucet reveals wall crack issue in Lexington Mass

This episode is an important reminder of how to properly deal with outside faucets in the winter.

Episode 217 - Why is my basement bulkhead leaking?

We know that bulkheads are those access points from the outside that allow you to get into your basement. Anyone who's seen a movie about tornados in the midwest have seen people scrambling to get into their cellar via the bulkhead before the tornado blows their home away. The Crackman has been getting a lot of calls lately about people having leaky bulkheads. Rich explains why basement bulkheads sometimes leak and what can be done about it.

Episode 216 - Can you repair concrete foundations in the wintertime?

In this episode we have Crack Daddy leading the discussion, and foundation crack repair during the winter is a key discussion point as most masonry businesses wrap it up when the temps drop below the acceptable curing temperature for concrete and mortar. How is it that A1 Foundation Crack Repair is able to keep busy doing concrete repair even in the winter? Adam explains how they can do masonry repairs even during the cold winter months.

Episode 215 - It's Fall and raining heavy...How do I keep water out of my basement?

Fall always presents unique basement water problems. You have heavy rains, tons of leaves, lower temps....what's the best thing a homeowner can do to prepare for Fall?

Episode 214 - How can trees next to a house affect the foundation?

Joyce Kilmer once wrote: I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree. But when that tree is destroying your foundation, all you can think about is grabbing a chainsaw and whacking that sucker down. In this episode, Rich explains how a tree can destroy a home's foundation and what you can do to professionally address the issue.

Episode 213 - Help! Tree roots destroying foundation in Watertown Massachusetts

Joyce Kilmer once wrote: I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree. But when that tree is destroying your foundation, all you can think about is grabbing a chainsaw and whacking that sucker down. In this episode, Rich explains how a tree can destroy a home's foundation and what you can do to professionally address the issue.

Episode 212 - Why are Pests getting into my Basement?

Nobody wants to think of their Home and Basement as a habitat for critters, but how are they finding their way into the house? In this episode, A1 Crack's Adam Tracy explains how critters are getting in basements and what can be done about it.

Episode 211 - Why is the back part of my Garage Floor pulling away from the Foundation Wall?

In this episode, we have Adam Tracy joining us to talk about some very interesting issues he has dealt with concerning garage floors pulling away from foundation walls.

Episode 210 - Do-it-yourself foundation crack repair: is it a good idea?

The big box stores are full of home remedies for leaky concrete cracks. Products like Drylock, Fast Plug, and the ubiquitous Flex Seal tout their amazing abilities to solve water leaks fast. If that's the case, and if it's so easy, why do we need professionals like the Crackman?

Episode 209 - What are Beam Pockets and should I be worried about them?

In this episode, we start with what a beam pocket is. Then we discuss whether beam pockets should be inspected on a regular basis. Finally, Crack Daddy explains that as basement water and lally column experts, where A1 Foundation Crack Repair come into play when structural issues are found around these beam pockets.

Episode 208 - What to do about a basement water leak behind a finished wall

One can imagine how frustrating it would be if you go down to your man cave in the basement right after finishing the walls and flooring, only to discover a suspected water leak behind the wall. After issuing a few carefully chosen vulgarities, it's time to figure out what to do about it, so....what's next after discovery?

Episode 207 - The Case of the Mysterious Soaked Carpet in a Finished Basement

In this episode, we are joined again by foundation crack repair expert, Adam Tracy, who shares a very interesting case study about a mysteriously soaked carpet in a finished basement. Once again, A1 epitomizes their "Service Before Self" attitude when helping homeowners with their basement water dilemmas.

Episode 206 - Why am I getting damp patches in the corners of my foundation walls?

A1 Foundation Crack Repair is getting a lot of calls this time of year for mysterious water spots in basements. Adam Tracy discusses why that happens and what can be done to reduce the amount of humidity in the basement.

Episode 205 - The Case of the Mysterious Basement Bedroom Water Leak in Quincy Mass

It's Crackman case study time again and in this episode, the Crackman explains a troubleshooting method that involves a ping pong ball.

Episode 204 - Creative DIY Project Temporarily Fixes Water Leak in Boston Mass

In this episode, the Crackman shares a creative DIY project that looks like someone is using a big Rubbermaid container to catch water and then pipe it down to a drain.

Episode 203 - Homeowner Finds a Family of Snakes in Prized Shoe Collection

It's another interesting Crackman case study, this time with a family of snakes camping out in a prized shoe collection.

Episode 202 - Three Critical Checks all Homeowners should do Before Summer

It's toasty outside, which means summer is here. In this episode, the Crackman explains some of the things homeowners should be doing to make sure their house is ready for the summer heat and thunderstorm activity.

Episode 201 - What does foundation crack repair have to do with termite control?

Termites seem to find their way into all sorts of small spaces but foundation cracks? They're WAY to small and tight for a termite to get through, no? Well, it's hard to believe that termites can squeeze through those tight basement cracks but yes they do. This episode is a call to action for anyone with foundation cracks to seek out a professional like the Crackman to inspect them and avoid the agony and expense of a termite infestation.

Episode 200 - The Case of the Mysterious Basement Water Leak

It's the Crackman's 200th episode and in this podcast, Rich has a case study that explains how he helped a person isolate the source of a basement water leak, even though he wasn't the right contractor to solve the problem.

Episode 199 - Is my wet basement caused by a rising water table or excess rain?

In this episode, the Crackman clarifies the difference between a rising water table and excess rain when it comes to a wet basement.

Episode 198 - Everything you need to know about the Radon threat in your home

In this episode, the Crackman talks about what Radon is, where it comes from, and what you can do about it. He also talks about a common call he receives about a gurgling sound coming from the Radon mitigation system in homes. Great episode packed with concise, useful info!

Episode 197 - Spring is here along with April Showers. When Should you plant Grass Seed?

As a man with your infinite wisdom, the Crackman has a wealth of knowledge on a wide array of topics, especially when it comes to matters of real estate. In this episode, we pick his massive brain on the subject of grass. When is the best time to plant grass seed in the Northeast?

Episode 196 - What can I do about the chipped and pitted concrete on the outside of my foundation?

In addition to fixing wall and floor cracks, the Crackman also fixes damaged concrete. What if a home has surface pits, chips, and other kinds of blemishes that really make it look bad. What is that called and can it be fixed?

Episode 195 - Could your home's foundation doom its chances of selling?

If you are in the market to sell your house, consider how your foundation can impact the sale of your house. Listen in as the Crackman reveals some of the ways he has seen that foundations can affect the prospect of a sale.

Episode 194 - Why am I noticing new cracks in my foundation walls after all these years?

There you in your dream home and after emerging from your winter slumber on a beautiful Spring day, you notice new cracks on your foundation walls. Why would that happen? The Crackman answers this intriguing question.

Episode 193 - Creative DIY Attempts to Repair Foundation Wall Cracks

Homeowners typically try to fix things on their own before calling a pro to come in and laugh at their handiwork. In this episode, Rich shares some amusing stories he's come across during his tenure as the Crackman.

Episode 192 - Why did my Foundation Wall Crack Suddenly Start Leaking After 20 Years?

As sure as death and taxes, concrete will eventually crack at some point. It's fairly normal to have cracks in foundation walls that aren't leaking and don't pose any structural why, then, would a crack suddenly start leaking after 20 years? The Crackman explains.

Episode 191 - How do I know when it's time to repoint my stone foundation?

The term "repointing" isn't something us commoners use in our everyday vocabulary so in this episode, the Crackman starts with what repointing is. Then, he explains when it's time to repoint a stone foundation.

Episode 190 - 6 Reasons Why Your Sump Pump Isn't Working During a Hard Freeze

If your sump pump suddenly isn't working properly during a hard freeze, consider the Crackman's 6 common reasons why it could fail. You just might save some money.

Episode 189 - How is this Crazy Freeze-Thaw Weather Affecting my Foundation?

Northeast winters can be quite schizophrenic. For instance, in the last 2 weeks, we've had temps well below freezing with snow and ice. Today, the temps are in the 40s with heavy rain. How does that affect a foundation?

Episode 188 - Strange Coincidences with Lally Columns

A man with the Crackman's considerable, shall we say, tenure in this industry has certainly seen some weird things and strange coincidences. In this episode, he shares some interesting vignettes on the history of lally columns along with some weird stuff he runs into as he inspects, repairs, and replaces them.

Episode 187 - Can Basement Wall Cracks Lead to Termite Problems

Basement wall cracks are somewhat common and they don't always mean you need to panic when you see them, but is there a concern that cracks that are wide enough can allow wood chewing critters like termites to infest your home? The Crackman answers.......

Episode 186 - Everything you Needed and Wanted to Know about Basement Floor Cracks

The Crackman has been fixing basement floor cracks for more than 2 decades, so who better to talk about basement floor cracks than him, right? In this episode, Rich covers everything from how and why basement floor cracks happen to begin with, whether or not every crack should be fixed, and when you know it's time to fix a crack.

Episode 185 - Why am I getting So Many Leaks Around the Pipe Penetrations in My Stone Foundation?

Episode 184 - Panicked New Homeowner Finds Basement Water from Leaky Chimney in Northboro MA

It's case study time again and this time the Crackman helped talk a new homeowner down from the rafters after they came home and found water in their basement coming from the chimney.

Episode 183 - Worcester Firefighter Fights Basement Water Problem with a Pickaxe

In this episode, the Crackman recounts an interesting story about a firefighter with a basement water problem in who wanted to tear down his Sheetrock with a pickax.

Episode 182 - Facebook Women's Group Recommends A1 for Fixing Urgent Sump Pump Problem

As we were perusing Facebook we saw A1 Foundation Crack Repair was highly recommended for fixing a basement water problem in the Hudson Mass area. The Crackman reflects on recent accolades.

Episode 181 - Common Basement Water Problems during Heavy Rains in Massachusetts

We're smack dab in the middle of Fall and during this tumultuous time of year, every day seems to bring its own exciting conditions from heavy rain, to freezing conditions, and even snow. And as we all know, whacky weather can play havoc on a basement. In this episode, the Crackman explains how he goes about troubleshooting the calls he gets over the phone?

Episode 180 - How do I get rid of Cold Air and Mice in my Basement?

Winter is fast approaching and the Crackman is starting to get some calls from people with cold air or mice in basements with stone foundations. In this episode, the Crackman talks about the most common causes of cold air and mice in the basement and what to do about it.

Episode 179 - Why does my concrete look so rough and pitted?

In addition to fixing just about any basement water problem one could imagine, the Crackman also fixes a wide variety of concrete problems. In this episode, the Crackman talks about fixed concrete that looks really bad on its surface.

Episode 178 - Is Your Sump Pump Ready for Winter?

Winter is right around the corner and that often means sump pumps get a workout, so now is the time to make sure your sump pump is in tip-top shape. The Crackman has a quick, 4-step process that people can do at home to ensure their sump pump is ready for action.

Episode 177 - Do I need to repair exterior foundation walls that are damaged, pitted, or spalled?

The Crackman recently had a customer reach out because they were concerned about the surface of their exterior foundation wall. It showed signs of excessive pitting and spalling. Why does that happen anyway? Is it just poor quality concrete or something else?

Episode 176 - Do I need to worry about replacing a rusted lally column?

In this episode, the Crackman describes some images we posted with this podcast explaining the state of a customer's rusted lally columns. How do you know when it's time to worry about replacing a lally column that shows signs of corrosion? The Crackman explains.

Episode 175 - Is there such a thing as too much dehumidification when it comes to concrete?

In this very interesting case study, the Crackman share the story of a customer who had basement cracks because the basement was TOO dry. What?? Fascinating podcast.

Episode 174 - How to Play Tic Tac Toe using the Condensation on a Basement Wall

In this episode, the Crackman describes the events in the following video ( in which a person had moldy baseboards and discovered really wet walls behind the drywall. They were so damp, the homeowner demonstrated how he could play tic-tac-toe on the wall using just the condensation. You have to see to believe.

Episode 173 - My Bulkhead is not Leaking but it's Damp...Why is that?

How is it possible to have a damp bulkhead in your basement but there isn't a leak? In this episode, the Crackman discusses a case where this happened with a customer and what he did about it.

Episode 172 - Should I Repair a Crack in a Foundation if it's not Leaking?

It's been said on this show many time before that there are 3 certainties in life: death, taxes, and concrete will eventually crack. So, if you discover the inevitable crack in your basement floor or wall or foundation...and it's not leaking...should you fix it?

Episode 171 - What Should I do About Wetness at Bottom of a New Sheetrock Wall in my Basement?

Imagine the disdain of a Homeowner who just finished their basement with sheetrock and suddenly they see wetness at the bottom of their new sheetrock wall. Could this be an installation error or something more sinister? Listen in as the Crackman explains.

Episode 170 - When Going Cheap on a Leaking Conduit Penetration Job in the Basement Goes Bad

In this episode, the Crackman delivers another interesting case study about a homeowner who needed to fix a leaking pipe penetration in the basement in order to sell his house, wanted to go cheap, and ended up regretting the decision.

Episode 169 – The Evolution of Lally Columns

In this episode, the Crackman explains a picture he took in a customer's basement that shows the evolution of the lally column in real life. It's a fascinating case study!

Episode 168 - Should I Repair All Floor Cracks when Selling my House?

The Crackman works a lot in the real estate industry saving agents & brokers from deals gone bad due to basement water problems and floor cracks. But are foundation cracks something a seller really needs to worry about before closing? You've gotta listen to this case study.

Episode 167 - How Did a Snake Get into my Basement?

The Crackman took a pretty cool pic of a house with a snake skin sticking out of it, meaning part of the skin was also INSIDE the house and likely, the business end of the snake as well. It freaked out the homeowner and the Crackman discusses how he solved the problem permanently.

Episode 166 - Case Study - Do I have a Concrete or a Stone Foundation?

It's time to lay down the picnic blanket, pop some popcorn, and get a refreshing drink because it's story-time with another Crackman Case Study. In this episode, the Crackman discusses a case in which a customer had no idea what she had and how he assisted her.

Episode 165 - How to Tell if you have Poured Concrete or a Stone Foundation?

If you have a finished basement, it might be hard to tell the difference between a poured concrete or a stone foundation. In this episode, the Crackman explains why it is so hard to know and how to determine which one you have.

Episode 164 - What Can be Done about Water Leaking in an Elevator Pit?

In this episode, the Crackman talks about a recent case in which a Homeowner had issues with water flowing into an elevator pit. The issue took an unexpected turn and he was able to handle it with poise and professionalism.

Episode 163 - Should I Hire a Structural Engineer for a Foundation Crack?

In this episode, Rich recounts an incident in which a homeowner spent about $7,000 on structural engineer and geology reports just to realize that all she needed was the Crackman to solve her foundation crack problem for much, much less.

Episode 162 - What Can I do About the Cracked Corner of My House?

It's Crackman case study time again and in this episode, Rich recounts a call he got from someone who had some masonry problems on the corner of their house that turned out to be quite significant.

Episode 161 - What are the Most Common Basement Water Problems?

In this episode, the Crackman reflects on the 4 most common basement water problems he has run into over the course of his 20+ year career in fixing basement water issues.

Episode 160 - Can Irrigation Systems Cause Water in the Basement?

It's warm outside and people are watering their lawns on a regular basis. Can a rigorous watering cycle actually cause water in the basement?

Episode 159 - How do I Fix Damp or Wet Corners in my Basement?

Spring is finally here after what seemed like an impossibly long winter. But while flowers are blooming and birds are chirping outside, hidden water problems can still exist in the bowels of your basement, as the Crackman explains in this episode.

Episode 158 - What is the Purpose of a Sump Pump?

In this episode, the Crackman covers everything there is to know about a sump pump, including how to install one. If you are thinking about a DIY sump pump installation, you MUST listen to this podcast first.

Episode 157 - Why Does My Basement Look Like a Murder Scene?

In this episode. the Crackman share's an interesting case study where he encountered what looked like a murder scene.

Episode 156 - How does Frozen Soil Affect Foundations?

With all the whacky weather in MA, RI, CT, and NH this year, the soil has done a lot of the dreaded freeze-thaw stuff that doesn't bode well for concrete. In this episode, the Crackman breaks it all down.

Episode 155 - Reflections of the Crackman - Why He Loves this Business

How does a school teacher get started in the foundation repair business? Listen in as the Crackman reflects on the success of his business, relationships he's made, and the promising future kids have in the trades industry.

Episode 154 - Landlords, Will Your Lally Columns Pass Section 8 Inspection?

In this episode, the Crackman recalls recent situation he ran into where he helped a landlord out of a jam with a temporary lally column that failed a Section 8 housing inspection.

Episode 153 - Is a Sump Pump Necessary in this Home in Franklin MA

It's Crackman Case Study time again. In this episode, the Crackman shares this interesting case study about the mystery underground leak in Franklin Mass.

Episode 152 - 5 Prep Steps to Prevent basement Water during a Nor-Easter

New England is getting pounded by a Nor-Easter right now. Heavy rains, high storm surges, and near hurricane gust winds. What should people be doing to prevent their basements from flooding during this major event?

Episode 151 - The Crackman Saves RI Homeowner from a Costly Perimeter Drain

In this episode, The Crackman recounts an incident where a homeowner thought he needed major surgery when a simple bandaid was all that he needed to cure a problem.

Episode 150 - The Crackman Solves Major Water Problem in a Crawl Space

It's Crackman case study time again and in this episode, Rich relives a rather unnerving story where he was required to squeeze through a very tight crawl space filled with mice to solve a problem.

Episode 149 - Why is Water Squirting out of a Tiny Hole in my Basement?

We all know the Crackman fixes a lot of leaks from cracks in foundations and basements. In this episode, the Crackman explains what could cause water to squirt from a small hole.

Episode 148 - Why is my Pre-Cast Bulkhead Leaking?

In this episode, the Crackman explains what exactly a pre-cast bulkhead is, why it would suddenly start leaking, DIY fixes homeowners try do on their own, and what a pro like the Crackman does to fix it.

Episode 147 - The Crackman Saves a Home from a Water Volcano

If you wake up and find a water volcano in the basement, don't freak out. Give the Crackman a call and see what the voice of calm and reason can do to help.

Episode 146 - High Tides, Floating Dumpsters, and Leaking Granite Walls

In this episode, the Crackman recounts an interesting case study where massive flooding challenged the physics of nature and the mortar in a block foundation.

Episode 145 - How Repointing Stone Foundations Solves Rat and Water Problem

Most homeowners don't know how a basement water expert can partner with a pest control company to solve rodent problems. As the Crackman explains in this episode, this relationship can be a formidable defense against these pesky varmints.

Episode 144 - What is the Difference Between Concrete and Mortar?

If you live in a brick house, you can tell that the mortar holding it all together feels as strong as concrete. So, what is the difference?

Episode 143 - Why do I have a Foundation Crack After 20 Years?

If you've had a foundation for 20 years and never had a problem with it, it's easy to get a false sense of security thinking you'll never have a problem. But that's not always the case, as the Crackman explains in this episode.

Episode 142 - Top Reasons to Repoint your Stone Foundation

Most people don't really look at the fine details of their basement so why would a homeowner suddenly care about the way it looks? The Crackman provides excellent tips that will be of great value to anyone with a stone foundation.

Episode 141 - Crackman Case Study: Sinking Lally Columns in Lexington MA

It's Crackman case study time again. In this episode, Rich talks about the mysterious case of the sinking lally columns in a multi-million dollar home.

Episode 140 - How do I fix my Leaking Bulkhead?

Last we we discussed what bulkheads are and ways they can leak. We ran out of time, so this week the Crackman tells our listeners how he fixes leaking bulkheads.

Episode 139 - My Bulkhead is Leaking. What should I do?

In this episode, the Crackman discusses what a bulkhead is exactly, where they normally leak from, and what the symptoms are.

Episode 138 - Do I Really Need a Perimeter Drain in my Basement?

In this episode, Rich shares a rather disturbing tale about a homeowner who was sold a very expensive solution that was likely unneeded and it didn't actually fix the problem.

Episode 137 - What is that Rusty Thing Sticking out of my Foundation Wall?

Homeowners in New England are frequently complaining about rusty metal things sticking out of their foundation walls. In this episode, the Crackman talks about what those things are, the harm that can come from them, and what you can do about them.

Episode 136 - How Much Water is in Concrete?

In this episode we're going to ask Rich Comeras, the Science Guy, to put on his horn-rimmed glasses and pocket protector and answer this very interesting question.

Episode 135 - Home Inspection Saves Home Seller from Lally Column Disaster

It's story time again for the Crackman audience. In this episode Rich shares a story about a situation he ran into proving beauty really is only skin deep when it comes to lally columns.

Episode 134 - Are the Downspouts in your House Properly Installed?

Are the downspouts in your house properly installed? In this episode, the Crackman discusses what hr id seeing in the field and gives important recommendations to homeowners.

Episode 133 - The Top 3 Most Common Problems with Stone Foundations

The Crackman has talked about stone foundations in the past. These are the foundations built way back when where the foundation was built with these large field stones. In this episode, he covers the most common issues he finds with them.

Episode 132 - Three Inexpensive Ways to Keep your Basement Dry

Everyone likes saving a buck when possible and most homeowners have a DIY instinct when it comes to home repairs, so we thought we would ask the Crackman what homeowners can do to prevent basement water problems from happening.

Episode 131 - Case Study - Old Lally Column Threatens to Kill Home Sale

In this Crackman case study, Rich discusses a case where someone was selling an old home and an old lally column was threatening the deal.

Episode 130 - Is My Home Insured for Water Infiltration

As we are watching what's happening to the poor folks in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean Islands who have been affected by the wrath of all these hurricanes, one can help but wonder if their insurance will cover the water damage they have incurred. In this episode, the Crackman addresses these concerns.

Episode 129 - Is It a Good Idea to Paint Concrete Floors?

In this episode, Rich discusses whether it is good idea to paint a concrete floor and for those daring enough to try, steps you need to consider before embarking on such a journey.

Episode 128 - Poured Concrete Foundations vs. Block Concrete Foundations

We typically have 2 different approaches when building foundations for new homes. In this episode, this episode the Crackman explains the advantages and disadvantages of Poured Concrete Foundations and Block Concrete Foundations.

Episode 127 - Waterproofing VS Dampproofing - What is the difference?

Waterproofing vs Dampproofing - What you need to know before you decide between the two.

Episode 126 - Two DIY Waterproofing Disasters You Won't Believe!

The Crackman runs into a lot of DIY disasters as he helps homeowners across New England deal with their basement water problems. In this episode, he shares two recent examples of desperate homeowners trying to solve their own problems.

Episode 125 - Is that a Foundation Crack Leak or Condensation?

It has been hot and downright soupy outside with all the seasonal humidity coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. This week, the Crackman has a timely case study for us regarding puddled water a customer discovered in her basement.

Episode 124 - Can I use Waterproofing Paint on Stone Foundations?

We've talked about the futility of using waterproofing paint on leaking concrete foundations before. This DIY disaster features a leak that looks like a water faucet. Check it out!

Episode 123 - Can I Move My Lally Column Support Post in my Basement?

In this episode, the Crackman explains why someone would want to move their lally columns, and if they want to move them, important steps to take before doing do.

Episode 122 - Do I have a Foundation Leak or is it Condensation?

In the summertime when you have lots of thunderstorms AND hot humid weather you run into both foundation leaks AND condensation problems. How do you tell the difference? The Crackman answers in this episode.

Episode 121 - Lally Column New Flash: Rust is Bad News!

Rich went to a structural engineering conference recently and lally columns were a particular point of concern. In this episode, he tells us about the primary lally column issues afflicting homes today.

Episode 120 - 4 Basement Waterproofing DIY Disasters you Won't Believe

One of our favorite subjects in the Crackman's arsenal of experiences is when he talks about DIY disasters. In this episode, Rich shares 4 horror stories to share with our listeners regarding basement waterproofing.

Episode 119 - How to Fix a Sinking Concrete Floor

In our last episode, we discussed how you fix cracks in floating floors. But what if the homeowner discovers a concrete floor that has cracked and the concrete has started to sink?

Episode 118 - Floor Cracks on Floating Floors - Why and How to Fix

In our last episode we discussed 3 different types of floor cracks homeowners face. Today, we are going to discuss the first of these types of cracks and that's the type of crack you find on a floating floor.

Episode 117 - I have floor cracks. What do I do?

Floor cracks can range is size and style. In this episode, the Crackman talks about the 3 basic styles of cracks and how you get them. It is the first in a 4-part mini-series on this subject.

Episode 116 - Parging Stone Foundations - Why Do It?

In this episode the Crackman talks about what parging is when dealing with stone foundations and they types of situations he faces to get parged foundations looking good again.

Episode 115 - Do I really need to buy a Dehumidifier for my Basement?

In this episode, the Crackman covers the top reasons why a homeowner would need a dehumidifier in their basement.

Episode 114 - Installing Lally Columns Yourself? What Not To Do

The Crackman has covered a lot of DIY disasters in this podcast series and he has a new one that is just...really...hard to believe. This time it deals with the lally columns or piers that hold up the support beams in homes.

Episode 113 - What is the Proper Size of a Sump Pump and Liner?

If you are a DIYer and installing a sump pump and liner/basin, it's crucial to get the size right. In this episode, the Crackman explains how to properly size them.

Episode 112 - How to Keep your Basement from Flooding During a Rain Storm

We're heading into thunderstorm season so the Crackman thought this might be a good time to remind people what to do to keep their basement from flooding when a major rain storm approaches. Close

Episode 111 - Can Landscaping Work Contribute to a Wet Basement?

It's Spring! It's a great time of the year: mild weather, flowers, tree leaves filling in...and it's also the busiest time of the year for landscaping. People often embark on these great projects to redo flower beds or plant trees and shrubs around the house. In this episode the Crackman offers best practices when it comes to landscaping and avoiding basement water issues as a result.

Episode 110 - Will Your Lally Columns be in Question During Home Inspection

Lally columns are one of those hidden "gotchas" found by home inspectors all the time. In this episode, Rich talks about what home inspectors are looking for so your home sale won't be unnecessarily delayed.

Episode 109 - Does a Dry Basement Increase the Resale Value of My Home?

We've done a lot of podcasts where the Crackman has covered extensively how often he serves the real estate market for both real estate agents and homeowners. In this episode he discusses how a wet basement can lower the value of a home and make it tough to sell.

Episode 108 - Do-It-Yourself Basement Waterproofing Pitfalls

As Spring Showers increase the amount of ground water around houses, homeowners are likely to spot leaks in their basements. And as many of them do, they'll decide to fix it themselves with home remedies they find in stores like Lowes and Home Depot. And what happens when they get there? They grab the guy walking the aisle and ask his opinion of what will work. He points to the caulk or the cement or...gasp...the Flexseal and the homeowner gives it the old college try. Before they do that, they should listen to this podcast.

Episode 107 - 4 Reasons to Fix Your Basement Water Problem Before Spring

Yes, homeowners procrastinate when it comes to fixing problems, even when it comes to basement water problems. In this episode, the Crackman offers his top 4 reasons for fixing basement cracks right away.

Episode 106 - How to Prevent Basement Water When the Snow Melts

After a period of heavy snow, winter is giving way to warmer weather, which means melting snow can be a real problem for homeowners with basements. In this episode, the Crackman discusses 3 ways to keep water out of your basement during snow melt.

Episode 105 - When is the Right Time to Fix a Foundation Crack?

Imagine that you are a homeowner or real estate agent about to close on the sale of a house and your deal dies a horrible death all because of a tiny basement crack that has suddenly sprung a leak. In this episode, the Crackman shares sage advice on how to keep that from happening to you.

Episode 104 - Does Hydraulic Cement Really Work on Cracks?

As we've discussed many times before, homeowners are likely to try DIY methods before calling a pro for most crack problems. Hydraulic cement is one of those do-it-yourself methods the Crackman runs into quite a bit. In this episode, he shares a humorous story about one such incident and why hydraulic cement isn't a permanent fix.

Episode 103 - Lally Columns: What You Should and Should Not Use

During his many years in the field, The Crackman has run into some pretty interesting solutions for lally columns. Many of the DIY solutions for lally columns he has found fail to pass home inspection. Listen in to see what you should and should not use for lally columns.

Episode 102 - I Have a Flooded Basement; How do I Rescue it?

It can be horrifying to descend into your basement and find it flooded. In this episode, the Crackman shares a 7-step process for what to do when you have a flooded basement.

Episode 101 - The Mysterious Case of the Schizofrenic Sump Pump

We just checked the weather report and it looks like the Northeast is going to get pounded with a blizzard. If you're a homeowner, you need to get stepping and make sure you're ready for it. In this episode, the Crackman shares 5 essential tips that will ensure the basement isn't the first casualty of a major storm.

Episode 100 - The Mysterious Case of the Schizofrenic Sump Pump

As we celebrate the 100th episode of the Crackman Podcast, the Crackman recounts the story of a seemingly possessed sump pump and the unlikely source of the problem

Episode 99 - Refinishing Your Basement? Don't Make this Mistake

So, you're about to spend a bundle on refinishing your basement. You may be thinking that if you're hiring a professional builder, it's going to be LIKE NEW and you shouldn't expect to see any water issues for a long, long time. Well...maybe you should listen t this podcast to avoid a few common mistakes.

Episode 98 - Is it the Stone Foundation Leaking or a Sewer Pipe?

Here is another Crackman case study that is a great example of how he helps real estate agents and homeowners make their closing date by diagnosing and fixing basement water problems at the 11th hour.

Episode 97 - Live Video Shows Water Squirting from a Foundation

We posted a blog a few weeks ago with an amazing video captured by a customer of water literally squirting out of the foundation wall. In this episode, the Crackman tells us all about it and what he did to plug the multiple squirting holes.

Episode 96 - Having a Basement Water Problem? Where first to Look

Whenever the Crackman gets a call about a basement water problem there is a little bit of sleuthing that goes into figuring out where the water is coming from. This podcast is dedicated to the most common source.

Episode 95 - Foundation Crack Repairs: Fix from the Inside or the Outside?

Should foundation crack repairs be fixed from the inside or the outside? The Crackman sets the record straight.

Episode 94 - Is that Crack in Your Garage Floor Safe?

The Crackman shares a case study in this episode that parallels with a disastrous cave-in he read about where someone fell through their porch barely avoiding death.

Episode 93 - The Crackman Saves the Day at a Commercial Job in Acushnet MA

In this episode, the Crackman recounts a recent job where a large building firm in Utah contacted him to solve a problem at a recycling plant construction project.

Episode 92 - The Crackman Becomes Clairvoyant in Bellingham MA

Is the Crackman doing palm and psychic readings as a side business or are DIYers so predictable that Rich knows all the common home crack repair techniques that usually fail? Tune in to find out.

Episode 91 - Are Basement Waterproofing Paints Worth the Money?

When it comes to Basement Waterproofing paints, it's a case of pros and cons. In this episode, the Crackman reveals when he WOULD and when he WOULD NOT use basement waterproofing paints and why.

Episode 90 - When Do You Need to Repoint a Stone Foundation?

Stone foundations...what are they and what happens when natural aging causes the mortar holding them together breaks down. The Crackman covers the issues and when to repoint the fieldstones.

Episode 89 - The Pros and Cons of Waterproofing Paint

We've talked about waterproofing paint in the past and, well...let's just say it's not what you want to use for fixing cracks. But in this episode we want to cover the pros and cons of waterproofing paint.

Episode 88 - How Does a Basement Flood in the Middle of a Drought?

How the heck does a basement flood in the middle of a drought? Don't you need to have, you know, water to flood? In this episode the Crackman analyzes this unusual phenomenon.

Episode 87 - Mice Invade Home Via Voids in Stone Foundation

Typically, the Crackman's stories describe the terrors of finding a flooded basement but this episode is like something right out of a horror movie. Rich talks about this invasion of mice and what he did to prevent the varmints from coming back in.

Episode 86 - Oh no! Another Flexseal DIY Disaster!

We've talked about the "fool proof" waterproofing/leak stopping method known as Flexseal before and the Crackman keeps calling out issues whenever he sees it. Here is another sad story of a homeowner trying to fix a problem with Flexseal.

Episode 85 - Refinishing Your Basement - Cost vs Return on Investment

So you are thinking about finishing your basement to improve the resale value of your house. Is that a wise investment? The Crackman reveals some interesting facts and statistics that just may surprise you.

Episode 84 - Should a foundation crack be fixed before listing a house?

The Crackman answers definitively this burning question: Should a foundation crack be fixed before listing a house?

Episode 83 - Digging out your own Basement--A Cautionary Tale

The Crackman was called into a job recently that you won't believe. He had to help someone who was trying to dig out their own basement.

Episode 82 - Why is my basement floor so wet?

So you notice a little puddle of water on your basement floor. Should you pack up the family and get the heck outta Dodge or could it be something less worrisome? Listen and find out.

Episode 81 - Why does my Home's Foundation Look Pitted and Cracked?

One of the most important tenets of selling your home is curb appeal, and if your house's foundation on the exterior looks pitted and cracked, it can kill a sale very quickly. In this episode, The Crackman talks about how to deal with this issue and increase the value of your home.

Episode 80 - Why is my basement damp and humid?

In this episode, the Crackman explains how basements can become damp and humid, and covers 4 common sense do-it-yourself tips on how to prevent it.

Episode 79 - The Crackman's 4 Best DIY Basement Waterproofing Tips

Most people have a bit of the DIY spirit in them and hope to defray maintenance costs by doing as much as they can before hiring a pro. In this episode, the Crackman shares his 4 best tips a homeowner can do to prevent basement water.

Episode 78 - Water in Your Basement? The first 2 things to look for

Let's say you go downstairs to your basement and find the beginnings of your own personal water park. Obviously, the first thing that comes out of your mouth is a swear word. Then, you're going to have to call a pro to solve the problem, but you need to figure out how all that water got there. What's the first thing you look for?

Episode 77 - Incorrectly Installed Lally Column Wakes Homeowner at Night

This is a very interesting case study about how an incorrectly installed lally column woke a homeowner at night and almost totaled his home.

Episode 76 - Why is there a gap where my sidewalk meets the foundation?

Believe it or not, having a gap where one's sidewalk meets the foundation is a common problem that is certainly an issue but easily fixed. This episode discusses how to remedy the situation.

Episode 75 - Small Concrete Repair Jobs--DIY or Hire a Pro?

Some small concrete repair jobs can be done by DIYers, others are best left to the pros. In this podcast, the Crackman discusses both situations and when it's best to bring in the big guns.

Episode 74 - Will your Home's Lally Columns Pass Home Inspection?

This episode discusses what types of lally columns will home inspectors be be looking at, what problems home inspectors will identify with lally columns, and how you fix them.

Episode 73 - Sealing your Basement Bulkhead? Don't Do it Yourself!

Some homeowners are sealing up their basement bulkheads, walk-outs, and windows, but they've been running into issues where the do-it-yourselfers have had some pretty serious leaks associated with novice work. In this episode, The Crackman talks about what he's seeing in the field and how he's helping homeowners solve their DIY messes.

Episode 72 - DIY Basement Waterproofing...What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

So you've got a quote from a crack repair company and it seems a little high so you're thinking about doing it yourself. Listen to this episode before you do.

Episode 71 - Water Damage Remediation - The First 4 Things To Do

Imagine walking down to your basement and finding a lake. You've got 2 options: grab a fishing pole or start taking care of the problem. What would you do? Tune in to find out what to do first.

Episode 70 - The Most Common Kinds of Basement Cracks Revealed

We've been talking about basement cracks for quite a while now on this podcast. In this episode, the Crackman reveals the most common cracks he sees and how he fixes them.

Episode 69 - Concrete Floor Cracks...are they from Shrinkage or Settling?

The most common basement cracks come from shrinkage and settling. How do you tell the difference between the two types and how do you fix them? Listen in to find out.

Episode 68 - DIY Disaster of the Month - A Barrier Around a Sump Pump

Putting a band-aid fix on a problem is never a really good idea. You're much better off getting it fixed properly as evidenced in this month's DIY disaster.

Episode 67 - What to do if you See a Horizontal Crack in a Foundation

In this episode, horizontal cracks are explained along with what to do if you have one in your basement.

Episode 66 - How Much of a Basement Wall Crack do you Need to Fix?

Let's say you have a large crack in a basement wall but only the bottom part of it is leaking. That's really all you need to fix right? The leaky part? Or do you need to fix the entire crack?

Episode 65 - 5 Ways to Identify Potential Foundation Problems

Foundation issues are nothing to mess around with. As they say, a home is only as good as its foundation so catching foundation issues before they get too bad is just plain smart. In this episode the Crackman covers 5 ways to identify a potential foundation problems.

Episode 64 - Corking a leak in a basement wall...a case study

In this episode, the Crackman shares a case study where the homeowner used wine corks to plug holes in basement walls caused by leaking tie rods.

Episode 63 - How to Fix a Basement Window Well that's Filling up with Water

In this episode, we start with what a basement window well is exactly and then move on to why a basement window well fills up with water, what happens when it does, and how to resolve the problem.

Episode 62 - How to Ensure your House Sells for Top Dollar in the Winter

Rich Comeras works with a lot of real estate agents who contract with him to help get homes ready for sale. In doing so, he has amassed a wealth of wisdom that will help homeowners get top dollar for their homes. In this episode, he covers his top 5 tips.

Episode 61 - Fixing a Concrete Sidewalk Tripping Hazard with Polyurethane

In this episode we discuss how the Crackman fixed a concrete sidewalk tripping hazard with Polyurethane. This technique can also be used to fix driveways that are bucking and heaving.

Episode 60 - Pouring Concrete in the Winter? What you Should Know

Are you going to be pouring concrete in the winter? This podcast covers key things you should be discussing with your concrete contractor.

Episode 59 - Root-bound Water Pipe Penetrations: What to Do, What Not to Do

So, you're in your basement and you see a water pipe penetration in your basement and the pipe has roots all over it. Do you rip them all off? Listen to this podcast before you do.

Episode 58 - How to Choose the Right Sump Pump for your Basement

In this episode, the Crackman covers the 5 main considerations one must evaluate when purchasing and installing a sump pump in your basement.

Episode 57 - Why is my Basement Floor Always Dusty?

Believe it or not, it's a common problem that occurs where people have always had dusty floors. The Crackman explains why it happens and what to do about it.

Episode 56 - Do Condo Associations Cover Repair of Basement Wall Cracks?

Do you live in a condo? Are you wondering if your basement wall crack repairs are coming out of your pocket or the condo association's? This episode is for you.

Episode 55 - Can you Stop a Stone Foundation from Leaking with Mortar/Foam?

Is it really possible to stop a Stone Foundation from leaking with mortar and foam insulation? Not for long. This episode covers a real life example.

Episode 54 -What to do about a Leaky Basement Window

So let's say a homeowner walks down to his basement for a game of pool during a thunderstorm because there is nothing to do outside. Just as he walks over to the pool stick rack to pick out his favorite cue, he notices water pouring from the closed window. This episode talks about what he should do and how to fix it.

Episode 53 - Are Rats or Mice Invading your Basement?

It sounds like a horror story right out of a Stephen King novel but people are report big problems with rats and mice this time of year. The Crackman provides some simple DIY tips for keeping the vermin out of the house.

Episode 52 - Should you paint basement walls?

In this episode, the Crackman shares what he is seeing in the field, the 3 types of foundations people tend to paint, and what he recommends.

Episode 51 - Stone Foundation Water Problems: Is Skim Coating the Solution?

This episode covers what a stone foundation is, sheds light on the issues you will run into if you try to solve a stone foundation water problem with skim coating, and finally talks about how to properly fix a stone foundation.

Episode 50 - An ICF Case Study - Surviving a Gas Explosion

In this episode we, have a very interesting case study to share today about an apartment building that was built with ICFs and survived a gas explosion due to their ability to flex and absorb shock waves.

Episode 49 - Concrete Sidewalk Repair - Don't Let a Lawsuit Ruin Your Day

For homeowners, having attractive walkways and sidewalks speaks volumes about the pride they have in their property. But the cost of neglecting a dangerous sidewalk or walkway could be more costly that just the aesthetics. A lawsuit could be lurking.

Episode 48 - The Cautions of Pouring Concrete in Hot Weather

Last winter we did a podcast about the ills of pouring concrete when it's too cold. Now that it's summer, it's a good idea to talk about issues that can occur when you pour concrete when it's too hot.

Episode 47 - How to get rid of a sewer smell in your basement

Imagine waking up one morning, walking down to the basement, and wondering why your basement smells worse than a waste treatment plant. In this episode we discuss 5 ways that can that happen, how to inspect the possible causes, and what you can do about it.

Episode 46 - Water puddles in your basement or garage corners, but no rain?

It seems like most basement water problems come from rain. So how do you end up with water in the corners of your basement or garage with no rain? In this episode we discover why and what you can do about it.

Episode 45 - Getting to the root of a nasty root problem in Providence RI

In this episode, the Crackman discusses an interesting case study with a stone foundation crack repair problem in Providence, Rhode Island.

Episode 44 - Everything You Need to Know about Basement Windows

Do you think it's time to replace your basement windows? This episode discusses what materials basement windows are made out of, the pros and cons of each, and which one the Crackman recommends over all others.

Episode 43 - Top 6 DIY Tips for Preventing Basement Dampness & Humidity

If you suffer from a dank, damp, and moldy basement, this episode could be just what you need to solve your basement water problems.

Episode 42 - Self-Healing Concrete - Is it Really Possible?

Self-healing sounds too fantastic to be true. It sounds like something right out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but it's real. The Crackman talks about how it works and whether it's the panacea it portends to be.

Episode 41 - ICFs and Basement Waterproofing - What You Need to Know

In this episode the Crackman discusses a new technology in building foundations called ICFs and gives his thoughts on the good, bad, and the ugly of their use.

Episode 40 - Spring Waterproofing - 6 Key Tips to Keep your Basement Dry

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so this podcast is all about doing the important things that will prevent your basement from turning into a swimming pool.

Episode 39 - Does Flexseal Work on Basement Water Problems?

Why Flexseal Doesn't Work on basement water problems. The Crackman rescues another DIY disaster. This episode explains why DIY fixes with overhyped, off-the-shelf products most likely will not fix your basement water problem.

Episode 38 - Sump Pump Safety: 3 critical tips every homeowner should know

We've done a number of podcasts about sump pumps but we've never really talked about sump pump safety. In this episode we cover 3 basic but essential tips every homeowner should know and practice.

Episode 37 - My bulkhead is leaking again! Do I need a new bulkhead door?

Do you have bulkhead frustration after this long, cold winter? In this episode, we cover the parts and pieces of the bulkhead that can leak, how to repair them, and how to determine if you need a new bulkhead door.

Episode 36 - 5 Must-Do steps to Implement if your Basement Floods

Let's say a homeowner wakes up to find a lake in their basement. After the initial panic and requisite swearing, what is the first thing they should do? In this episode, Rich covers 5 essential steps to getting your basement back.

Episode 35 - Why is my Bulkhead Leaking?

We've had a ton of snow over the last couple months. That's not good for the basement. In this episode, Rich talks about the most common call he's receiving right now, some of the DIY fixes he finds when he goes out on a job, and what he does to permanently solve the problem.

Episode 34 - Why Does My Sump Pump Keep Dying?!

The Crackman gets a lot of calls this time of year from homeowners who report a sump pump that keeps shutting down on them. Why does a sump pump do that? In this episode we discuss the top 6 failure points of a sump pump and what to do about it.

Episode 33 - It's zero degrees outside and I still have a leak!

The Crackman gets a lot of calls this time of year from homeowners who report a sump pump that keeps shutting down on them. Why does a sump pump do that? In this episode we discuss the top 6 failure points of a sump pump and what to do about it.

Episode 32 - How to Protect Your Basement before the Snow Melts

This episode contains practical tips homeowners should heed as the snow piles up around the house. The Crackman covers basement water prevention tips for both the interior and exterior of the home.

Episode 31 – De-Icing products: they save your bones but are they killing your concrete?

With all the bad weather you tend to see a lot of de-icing products in use all over the place, which is good from a safety perspective but are the slowly killing your concrete?

Episode 30 - How to Protect Your Concrete from Flaking, Pitting, and Spalling

In this episode we discuss why and how concrete ages. Then, Rich provides the main 4 steps to repairing damaged concrete.

Episode 29 - Practical Advice for Pouring Concrete Walls in Cold Weather

This episode gets started with a definition of cold weather from Concrete's perspective. Then, Rich explains why Concrete needs to be Protected against Freezing and methods that are used to do it. 3. Okay, so I'm guessing that concrete construction doesn't just stop in the winter. What do concrete professionals do to help the pouring and curing of cement in cold weather?

Episode 28 - Crackman Case Study: Solving a Leaky Basement Pipe in Cape Cod

This is a very interesting case study about a customer in Cape Cod who had a leaking pipe penetration in their basement causing a sever flooding problem. The Crackman describes the problem the customer was having after several failed DIY attempts. He was smart enough to call the Crackman so Rich talks about how he solved the problem.

Episode 27 - How Cement has Improved to Benefit Your Home

In this episode, Rich talks about how concrete production has improved over time. He covers everything from cement plants, to transportation, and techniques that have improved its strength. It's a great history lesson.

Episode 26 - How do sub-zero temperatures adversely affect a foundation?

For most homeowners, the hazards of freezing pipes are widely known and prepping exposed pipes is something that should've been done a month or 2 ago. We actually discussed that in Episode 21 of the Crackman podcast. But for this episode, the Crackman talks about how sub-zero temperatures affect your foundation.

Episode 25 - Case Study: Stopping Basement Water in Newton MA.

In this Episode, Rich talks about a recent case study where he solved a serious basement water problem in a $4 million house in Newton MA. He had to stop water from pouring past a personal record 14 different pipes. It's a fascinating story.

Episode 24 - Pew! Why Concrete Foundation Cracks Can Stink...Literally.

Boxelder bugs, commonly known as â??stink bugsâ??, can become a nuisance to homeowners throughout the New England area during late Fall and even into the winter months. When the cold weather hits, boxelder females search for a warm and dry place, and they somehow find a way into your home! In this episode, Rich, talks about how Stink Bugs enter the Home and what you can do to prevent it.

Episode 23 -  Everything you wanted to know about sump pumps and more

The goal of a sump pump is to lower the water table that is underneath your basement floor. A properly installed sump pump with adequate gravel under your basement floor can solve most water problems through cracks in the floor or from floor/wall seams. In this episode, we discuss the various types of sump pumps and which one is likely best for your needs.

Episode 22 -   When is it time to fix a concrete floor crack?

Cracks in concrete are a common occurrence, especially in New England with the harsh winters and numerous freeze-thaw cycles. A crack in your concrete floor is like have a window open in your house; it may let certain unwanted things in, such as: water, radon, water vapors, insects, and rodents. In this episode, we discuss the various types of cracks you can get and what to do about them.

Episode 21 -  7 Basement Waterproofing Winter Inspections You Should Do Now

According to the weather forecasters, a typhoon out in the sea of Japan is going bring Arctic temperatures to the Eastern half of the US in the next few days. That could make for a really busy week for you, the Crackman, but homeowners can save themselves a lot of agony if they follow some simple preventative tips for waterproofing their Home that we cover in this episode.

Episode 20 - Oh Shoot! How do you Waterproof a Coal Chute?

This episode takes us back to a time when buildings were constructed with coal as the main heating source. In this episode we discuss what a coal chute is and how you go about waterproofing them.

Episode 19 - The Bizarre Case of the Leaking Stone Foundation

The Crackman recently went out on a job where the customer had never had leaks in her stone foundation and suddenly she was finding water in her basement. Certainly not an unprecedented event but the cause of this leak had a shroud of mystery surrounding it. Rich discusses the symptoms, the bizarre cause, and the fix action.

Episode 18 - Ugh! Why are my floor and wall seams leaking!

So, you would think that if you can put a man on the moon, surely you can build a house that doesn't leak where the floor and wall seams come together. In this episode, we discuss how it actually happens and what you can do to stop those pesky leaks.

Episode 17 - Lally Column Installation: Temporary versus Permanent

Okay so you've heard of dally, galley, rally, and even a girl named Sally. But what in the world is a "lally?" Well here's a history lesson. It was in the late 1800s, and a guy named John Lally was upset and bewildered by buildings collapsing as a result of fires or inadequate support. So, he was in search of a solution. Then lo and 1898, in the town of Waltham, Massachusetts, a steel beam support column was invented by none other than John Lally, hence the name lally columns. In this episode we talk about what kinds of Lally columns are out there, their problems with leaks, and how to solve water issue related to lally's.

Episode 16 - Is your Wet Basement caused by your Town's Missing Water?

There was an article in last Sunday's MetroWest Daily News, written by Zachary Comeau, titled 'Towns struggle to track missing water'. The article highlighted 13 MetroWest towns throughout Massachusetts (Ashland, Medway, Hopkinton, Bellingham, Framingham, Holliston, Milford, Sudbury, Franklin, Hopedale, Natick, Southborough, & Northborough) and their trouble with water that is unaccounted for. According to the Department of Environmental Protection's water conservation standards, 10% is the maximum threshold of unaccounted water for any one community. Out of the 13 towns, Ashland was the worst of the group with 28% of unaccounted water, while Northborough was the lightest offender with only 5% of its water unaccounted for. The other towns who were above the 10% threshold were Milford (14%), Holliston (15%), Framingham (19%), Bellingham (20%), and Medway (22%). In this podcast, Rich talks about how infrastructure issues lead to unaccounted water and how it can affect you, the homeowner.

Episode 15 - Sump Pump versus French Drain: Whose Kung-Fu Reigns Supreme?

For many different reasons, water can pool beneath a basement floor. But just like in the martial arts where you have a variety of combat practices, people fighting basement water swear that their technique kicks butt over all the rest. In this episode, we pit the two juggernauts of basement waterproofing techniques--sump pumps and french drains -- in a head-to-head battle to see which solution is the champion.

Episode 14 - How can a leaking chimney cause puddling in your basement?

Chimney leaks can either exist above the roof...or below grade. In this episode the Crackman discusses ways water can enter the house via the chimney and what to do about it.

Episode 13 - How to Eliminate Basement Floor Puddles and Dampness - Even when it hasn’t rained for Weeks!

Believe it or not, basements can still accumulate moisture, even when it hasn't rained for weeks! In this episode, we discuss how that can happen and what to do about it.

Episode 12 - Leaking Cold Joints in Basement Foundation Walls - What to do

In this episode we learn what a cold joint is in a basement foundation, how to identify it, and what should be done about it.

Episode 11 - Leaking Tie Rods and Snap Ties in Basement Foundations

In this episode, the Crackman discusses Leaking Tie Rods, Snap Ties, and Pinholes in Basement Foundation Walls and how to repair and maintain them.

Episode 10 - Garage Floor Crack Repairs – How to Fix Garage Floor Cracks

Garage floor cracks are just as prevalent as foundation and basement floor cracks. The episode discusses how garage floor cracks are formed and what you can and should do about them.

Episode 9 - Leak around my Basement Wall Pipe – How to Repair Foundation Pipe Penetration Leaks

This episode discusses the types of pipes you typically see going through a foundation, how to detect leaky pipe penetrations, and what to do about leaks when you find them.

Episode 8 - Why Foundation Walls Crack - How to fix concrete wall cracks

There are 3 absolute certainties in life: death, taxes and cracks forming in concrete. So, when it comes to foundations, homeowners should expect them to crack. This episode explains why they crack and what to do about them.

Episode 7 - Fieldstone Foundations: What are they and how do you waterproof them?

This episode discusses what a Fieldstone Foundation is and how you can keep it strong, healthy, and dry.

Episode 6 - Does homeowner's insurance policy cover flooded basements?

So you think you have a really good home insurance policy. Well, if you haven't looked at the fine print lately, check again. It probably does not cover basement flooding as well as you think. This episode reveals how to protect yourself from this tremendous risk.

Episode 5 - DIY foundation crack repair - why NOT fix it yourself?

So you have a leaky foundation crack. All you need to do is go to a hardware store and buy one of those do-it-yourself products and bang! You fixed it, right? Probably not. This podcast talks about the most common DIY products and how they are a temporary fix at best.

Episode 4 - How Do You Find a Basement Leak Behind a Finished Wall?

What should a homeowner do if they go downstairs and their basement is actively leaking? Tune in to this extremely informative podcast to find out.

Episode 3 - Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding This Spring

In this episode, The Crackman reveals 6 key ways to protect your home and basement from the onslaught of winter snow melt.

Episode 2 - How to identify when basement water is coming from the bulkhead

The Northeast has been pounded by snow over the last several weeks. There are snowbanks taller than a Volkswagon around many homes and now the rain is coming. How do you know when the water in your basement is coming from the bulkhead? This episode explains how.

Episode 1 - Winter Snow Melt - How to protect Your Basement

Our first episode is quite timely as the Northeast is about to be pounded by a winter Nor-easter. Learn how to prevent water in your basement.

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