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Winter Cold Causes Basement Cracks to Grow in Foundations– Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 20, 2013

The ground has frozen throughout Boston. Rain is on the way for the weekend. The combination can lead to water in the basement for many homeowners across the state.  We are used to freezing temperatures, but freezing temperatures can affect a home’s foundation. It is important to be aware of the condition of your foundation. If you see signs of damage or water in your basement, call a basement foundation specialist before the snow and rain reaps havoc in your basement.

Foundation cracks are common in most homes. However, frozen soil, triggered by the freezing weather in winter, can cause and make previously insignificant cracks larger. When the water in the soil around your home freezes, this causes frost heaves. Frost heaves push against the foundation and create pressure on your foundation walls. When it is really cold out, like in the Northeast in winter, the soil will freeze well below the surface. This causes pressure, which can cause cracks in foundation walls and basement floors, or it can increase the size of the cracks that exist already.

While hairline cracks may have existed previously, each freeze/thaw cycle changes the size and the shape of these basement cracks. You may have had foundation cracks before, and you may never have had water in the basement before, but each winter changes the cracks, making them larger, longer and/or wider. Horizontal cracks or stair step cracks are caused by frost heaves. These types of cracks will often change over time and end up leaking water. Basement crack repair is necessary to protect your home’s structural integrity and to protect your belongings from water damage and mold.

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