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Why is Water Coming into My Basement All Year Round?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 25, 2013

by: Richard Comeras (President)

I recently visited a homeowner that showed me where he had water coming into his basement all year round. It did not matter if it was a heaving rain or a drought period, water penetrated into his basement. The customer told me he had multiple waterproofing companies come out to do an inspection and they told him he needed drain systems for over six thousand dollars. Water leaking into a basement during a drought seemed very unusual to me. Through my 25 plus years of experience, I was convinced he did not needed drain systems. I ask the homeowner if he had town water and said no.

I then looked outside and discovered a fire hydrant about 30 yards away from his house. This told me that there was town water in the street and that it passed in from the subject property. I then told the homeowner to contact the town and have the water in his basement checked for chlorine and fluoride. Low and behold it was positive. This confirmed the town water was leaking into the customer’s basement. This was the last piece of the puzzle that confirmed my hunch.

The very next day, the town sent out inspectors to check the pipes and to their surprise they were leaking. The pipes were fixed the next day and the customer was very pleased with the outcome. Not only did the customer prevent future water leaking into his basement, but the town saved thousands of gallons of water per year by fixing the pipes. The customer was so glad that we properly diagnosed his water problem and saved him thousands of dollars on drain systems that were not needed.

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