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Why is my bulkhead leaking when the temperature is below freezing?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bulkhead leak problem:

Last night, I received a call for a woman in Nashua, NH that was having water entering her foundation from the seam between the bottom step of her bulkhead and the concrete floor. She told me that her husband had tried to stop the foundation leak with hydraulic cement that had failed. I questioned the homeowner about the bulkhead leak and found out that as soon as they wet vacuumed it up, water would continue to enter the basement right at the bulkhead and floor seam.

Investigating Bulkhead Leak in freezing temperatures:

  • Frozen soil is not defrosting
  • Rain water is not causing the basement leak
  • Be sure that no water is being used in the house.
  • Check the water meter.


If the meter is still moving, you definitely have a leak. In this case, it was an outside faucet that was leaking that the customer did not know was buried under five feet of snow. After the leak was repaired the water entering the basement ended.

Since the bulkhead has leaked water in the past, one the ground defrosts and the current snow melts, the bulkhead is going to leak again. At A-1 Foundation Crack Repair Inc we offer two solutions to the repair of leaking bulkheads. Please visit the page about bulkhead waterproofing at our website A-1 Foundation Crack Repair for more information.

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