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Why Does my Home's Foundation Look Pitted and Cracked? – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Real estate agents and homeowners come to us with concerns about the look of their exterior foundation. Their concern is that the exterior foundation, above grade, is showing signs of pitting, cracking and breaking.

Concrete is a porous material, and if there are small micro cracks in the foundation water can get in there and it freezes in the winter which makes it  start to pop the surface of the foundation. To stop this, we have to take off what the homeowners has most likely already put on there. We have to grind it, scrape it with masonry chisels, and use a wire brush to get down to the good concrete. Then we use a special material, a masonry based material that goes into these problem areas. Those sections then look better, but the rest of the foundation looks awful. What we’ll do there is resurface above grade with a material that will adhere to the concrete and looks like concrete, making it look brand new.

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