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What Types Of Water Damage is Covered By Your Home Owners Insurance?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 16, 2011

When you buy your homeowners insurance policy, you may think you are covered when it comes to water damage. But there are many scenarios where insurance does not cover damage caused by water. With so many home insurance mold claims and water damage claims being denied, there is a lot of confusion about what types of water damage is covered by homeowners insurance.

Water damage is defined differently than flood damage in a policy. What types of water damage is covered under your homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance does not cover water damage caused by floods, but there are some kinds of water damage it does cover.
Generally, homeowners insurance pays for damage from rain coming through a hole in the roof or a damaged skylight or window, but only if that damage was caused by a storm.

If the hole or the window was damaged from neglect, then, no, the water damage is not covered. Water in your basements caused by floods is also NOT covered by your homeowners policy.

Many of our customers have water damage due to leaky pipes that causes water damage overtime. This is not covered, again neglect. When pipes freeze or break due to the cold, the resulting water damage is covered by your policy.

Most insurance companies cover all water damage inside the house (leaking of or damage to the washing machine, water heater, bath tub), including the basement. Essentially if the water damage was caused by damages from a storm, which is covered, then the water damage is covered; but remember, floods are different.  If the water damage is caused by lack of home maintenance, the water damage is not covered.  

If you are not sure what type of water damage is covered, review your policy or ask you insurance company. The best bet is to stop water before it enters you basement, contact A1 Foundation Crack Repair.

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