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What Should I do About Wetness at Bottom of a New Sheetrock Wall in my Basement?

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 30, 2018

Imagine the disdain of a homeowner who just had new sheet rock done, and suddenly saw wetness at the bottom of the wall.

We got a call from a builder who had recently finished the basement walls; he had studded them, put in the insulation, and the walls had been plastered. Keep in mind that plaster starts as a powder; one part powder to two or three parts water. The homeowners went away for a week, a week during which we hadn't gotten any rain. They came home and their plastered, sheet rock was all wet towards the bottom.

They were blaming the builder, thinking that he had punched a hole in the floor by anchoring the wood and that water was now coming up and causing this. The builder wanted to take care of the customer, so he called us.

I knew what it was. All that water that was in the plaster while the house was all closed up with no dehumidifier, showed up at the bottom of their sheet rocked wall. Once they put in fans and a dehumidifier in there the problem cleared up. There was nothing that the builder did wrong.

The dehumidifier and fans solved the problem. We didn't have to do any repair at all, we just offered our advice.

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