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What is that Rusty Thing Sticking out of my Foundation Wall?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Homeowners are complaining about the rusty things sticking out of their foundation walls. People can get hurt by them and they can let water in.

A1 Foundation Crack Repair - Tie Rods These "rusty things" are called tie rods or snap-ties. They are used during the construction phase. Builders take two pieces of wood and use the rods to separate them, they then pour the concrete between the wood. Once the concrete is dried, they remove the wood and are also supposed to snap the ties off on the outside and on the inside of the foundation. They should be removed from the outside because they are a good source for letting water into the basement. Some contractors don't. We are getting calls because these tie rods have not been snapped off. We go in and cut them off, but they often leak. Often they are leaking before we snap them off. They leak because they are made of metal, metal rusts, and when they rust they get smaller, when they get smaller water can come in.

We work from the inside. We drill next to the tie-rod, put our ports in, and then inject the ports with closed polymer resin which stops the water and cold air from coming in. For those that are not leaking, we snap them off and put in a certain caulking as preventative maintenance. This stops the potential for both water and cold air from coming in.

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