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Waterproofing VS Dampproofing - What is the Difference?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 05, 2017

What’s the difference between the two? You are considering waterproofing vs dampproofing when you are putting in a new foundation. It is done from the outside.

Dampproofing is what you see all the time with either spray or roll-on black material. The intent of dampproofing is to simply stop the moisture in the soil from getting through the concrete.

Waterproofing is not only stopping the moisture from the soil from getting through the concrete foundation, but also it prevents any liquid from getting in as well. It is about two or three times more expensive, but with dampproofing it is an asphalt material, organic, oil based and it does peel off eventually. Basement Waterproofing is really where you want to go to stop any water that is actually bearing against the foundation from coming through.

Go with waterproofing anytime you have an option.

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