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Water Can Be A Friend to Your Home's Foundation - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, June 29, 2013

As your friends and neighbors, all of us at A1 Foundation  Crack Repair do what we can to advise and help you keep a solid and healthy foundation.  When you do need foundation crack repair services, we hope you look to your friends with over 30 years of crack repair experience and with a proven record for looking out for you. 

As summer wears on, those of you who never (or under) water your yard should rethink that strategy.  An extremely dry foundation can crack and cause significant damage. Take the necessary steps so you don’t have a nightmare on your hands in the future.

Scorching temperatures cause the ground to shrink and when that happens, homes can settle. Cracks can appear along the walls and doors may start to stick.  Water at least two inches once a week or more but not right up against the foundation, so that the water doesn't seep down into the cracks in the soil against the house. Once wet, the soil will swell and expand back against the foundation.

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