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Top Reasons to Repoint your Stone Foundation

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Most people don't really look at the details of the foundation. Why would the homeowners be concerned about how it looks?

Oftentimes when homeowners are selling their house, which is the number one reason, we know a home inspector is going to check the foundation. If they see crumbling concrete or mortar in between the stones or powder on the floor, they know that the mortar needs to be repointed in the basement.

The first reason to repoint a stone foundation is to get the most for their house and to sell it in the least amount of time.

The second reason is structural. A stone foundation is made like a triangle in most cases. If you threw stones in a triangle, the tall angle of the triangle is what you are looking for from the inside. You want to make sure that is intact.

The third reason, especially in New England where we get some heavy rains, is to stop water from coming in the basement.

The fourth reason would be because each little hole you have allows cold air to come in. People notice a big difference one a basement is repointed, that it gets much warmer upstairs.

The last reason is to stop the holes so that animals, rodents or snakes can't get in.

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