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Tip 6 - Fixing Foundation Cracks in Shrewsbury, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 02, 2015

We got a call from a customer living in Shewsbury. He had three foundation cracks that were leaking. We decided that the cracks needed injection process. That is where we drill at angles to the crack every 6-8 inches, put our ports in, tighten up those ports, and inject a closed-cell polymer resin material. It goes through the ports, through the drilled hole and all the way through to the outside.

On our contract we specify leaving the ports in for at least three rains. Also, the technicians are trained to explain that the ports need to remain until after the third rain. This is because the material will expand with further rain and moisture and the ports are important to keep the material in.

We got a call from the customer that the cracks were leaking. Handling customer service the way we do, we went out there and found that the client had taken out the ports. They had removed them a week after they were installed.

The ports were removed, and the material came out. We then performed the injection process again.

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