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The Right Way to Repair Basement Cracks - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 12, 2012

Overtime, many basements will begin to leak. Some basements leak right from the start and some homes develop basement cracks overtime.  Most basement leaks are a result of cracks, either vertical step cracks or horizontal cracks on the outside of basement walls. If you have water in your basement, you need basement crack repair.

Through these cracks outside water can easily flow into your basement causing damage to belongings or to the actual structure.

Water can also enter the wall pipes, gas lines, and electric lines penetrate the walls or the basement floor. Condensation on the homes basement walls can also cause water damage.

There are  many DIY quick fixes out there that claim to ‘fix basement cracks’. However, the only way to truly keep water out of your basement in these scenarios is to have the right basement crack repair done. How? Basement cracks or water penetration areas need to be correctly sealed (and in some cases backfill the outside of your foundation). Backfilling depends on the situation and amount of cracks or damage to your foundation.

Basement cracks need to be sealed from the outside of your home. To understand more about the  A-1 Foundation Crack Repair method contact us.

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