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The Right Sump Pumps for Your Home

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 29, 2011

If your basement has a sump pump, really it is only a matter of time before a failure occurs. There are many different sizes of sump pumps and getting the right size for your home will go a long way to having your sump pump last.

The goal is to shop for the best value by obtaining a pump with maximum features for your money. The physical size of your pump may depend on the size of your sump pit.  An 18” diameter pit will allow enough clearance for most pumps.  Be sure to measure the width and depth of your sump pit before you make a purchase.  Consider the location of the float switch as well.  If your pump is not deep enough, the float switch will not work properly.

No matter what size sump pump you are considering, pay attention to the materials with which it is made.  The housing is the most important part and so the material is important, it will have a direct bearing on the life span of the pump.  Most often, pumps are made from plastic, cast iron, cast bronze or stainless steel.  Plastic pumps are lighter weight and more susceptible to damage and wear and tear than metal.  Cast iron, bronze and stainless steel will offer the best in longevity, but with an increase in cost.

There are various styles of float switches used for sump pumps.  Float pumps can become blocked by objects in tight quarters or by debris, so make sure you have enough clearance for the pump to move freely within the sump pit liner.

If you are just tired of wet basements and sump pumps, and worrying about if they are running or not, call A1 Foundation Crack Repair.

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