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The Crackman Saves the Day at a Commercial Job in Acushnet, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 21, 2016

I got a call from a large company out in Utah that was contracted in Acushnet to put up a recycling plant for steel. There were all types of conveyor belts, and large two and three story conveyor belts needed. These conveyor belts were on legs that were bolted onto a concrete floor. A mistake that a contractor had done, is they were supposed to have put epoxy underneath these plates along with the bolts. They called to see if we had any ideas on what could be done.

I thought about it and figured we could loosen the bolts, drill holes in the steel plates, and then we would have to seal up where the plates meet the concrete. We injected an epoxy between n the plate and the concrete that is designed to bond to the steel and the concrete. We did this and saved the contractor from taking the whole thing down. All the engineers watched what we did and were happy. If any commercial or residential person needs help with concrete repair, we can most likely figure it out.

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