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The Crackman Saves RI Homeowner from a Costly Perimeter Drain

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I had an interesting call from a homeowner who is also a contractor. He called to find out if I put perimeter drains in. He was pretty instent that he need one, so I asked him why he thought he needed perimeter drains.

He said he had water coming in between where the concrete wall and the foundation floor meet. I asked if it was in one area and he said yes. I asked if he had a sump pump installed near that area, and he also said yes.

He said that the sump pump was only about 3 yards away from the area. I asked him to describe the area, or pit, that the sump pump is in. The pump sits in a hole with cement walls and a soil floor.

I made a better suggestion. Instead of a perimeter drain at the expense of $6000 or $12,000, I suggested he drill some homes in the cement walls of the sump pump pit and let me know what happens. In no time he called me back to let me know that fingers of water were draining into the sump pump pit instead of into his basement. He didn't need perimeter drains. If you have basement waterproofing issues, contact A1 Foundation Crack Repair.

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