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The Crackman Saves a Home from a Water Volcano

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 07, 2018

We have had a ton of rain this winter; warm weather with heavy, heavy rain and snow melt. We got a call from a past customer. He had a leaking bulkhead problem. The bulkhead was leaking from the seam where the steps meet the house. This is a very common problem.

He was keeping a wet vac there because the water was just flowing in. He called in a state of panic. We sent in a guy who was on his way home. We did a combination of things. We cleaned out some of the old caulking that was in between the bulkhead and the steps. We had to soak oakum in a polymer resin and work it in there. That slowed it down. We were then able to inject a polymer resin to slow it down even more. We had to put plenty of additive into the polymer resin so that it would react quicker.

But it was still leaking.

We have a high-bred product that we use on masonry material that has a crystallized quartz-based material that we used and were able to stop this geyser of a bulkhead leak. We were there for about 4 hours. He called us the next day as well because he was so appreciative.

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