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The Crackman Becomes Clairvoyant in Bellingham MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We got a call from a fellow over in Bellingham with a foundation crack problem. He was kind of hesitant, but he said, "I tried to fix it."

I said, "You probably tried to fix it with hydraulic cement."

"Ya I did, how did you know? But it is worse than that. I tried to fix it and it leaked." He worked really hard at it.

"You probably, even tried to chisel out the concrete and then put the hydraulic cement in."

"Ya I did, how did you know? But I tried to fix it again after that."

"What did you do, put that Super Seal on it that they advertise on TV?"

"Ya, how did you know, are you looking through my window?"

"No we aren't looking through the window. But we know the order that poeple take to try to fix these cracks."

DIY folks try to fix the foundation cracks. Then the cracks leak and we are more than happy to take care of it after they have spent the money on these products and the time on these DIY repairs. We have an injection process  that we use in that situation and in most cases. It does solve the problem with no frustration and with a warranty when you go to sell the house.

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