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The Basement Oil Geyser--A New DIY Disaster! - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We got a call from a person who wanted pricing on putting in a new lally column. We explained what we do with a lally column is break the floor, dig down, pour concrete--that's called a footing,  and put the lally column on top of it. The reason we do a footing is so it is stable.

This man was a DIY type of a guy, and he called us back to say he would do it himself. Well, he started the job this past Sunday. We got an emergency call from him. He was jack hammering the floor and he didn't realize there was an oil line underneath and he hit it. It started leaking. We advised him to quickly go to the oil tank and turn the shut-off. He shut it off, but it was still dripping. From experience we knew that if he put a vacuum where they fill the oil tank, it would create enough pressure to not suck oil out, but to stop it from dripping.

He then had to have the oil company come out to reroute the line. He didn't have too much oil come out, but if more had, he would have had a hazardous waste clean-up job which would have caused thousands of dollars.

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