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Sump Pump versus Floor Crack Problem Solved - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 26, 2015

Recently we were called in by a previous customer who had just built a new house. He had a floor crack in his new cement basement floor and had some water coming up through it.

He was wondering if he should put in a sump pump or should he have the floor crack repaired. Our recommendation was to put in a sump pump. We broke the floor, dug down, put a sleeve in, and put the pump in there and ran a discharge pipe to the outside.

He has a very thick layer of gravel. Gravel allows water to percolate through it. Because we put this sump pump in, below the floor, we knew the water would want to head there, below grade. And it did that, we were able to stop the water from coming up through the floor crack.

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