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Sump Pump Safety: 3 Critical Tips Every Homeowner Should Know - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 16, 2015

Just like with any electrical equipment, bad things can happen. With sump pumps, there have been quite a few fires. These sump pumps have motors which generate heat, and pedestal sump pumps come up high. This heat can generate fires when something touches them.

People store belongings, such as artificial Christmas trees in boxes. These motors, when running, vibrate or people can hit them by mistake. They can causes fires when the motor comes in contact with these boxes. Our advice is to store boxees at least 18" away from sump pumps.

Pedestal sump pumps can fall over and cause fires. The switch can get stuck when they tip. Our advice is to is to not get a pedestal sump pump, get a submersible one. Also, these fires can be caused by the electrical wiring that feeds the electricity to the sump pump, so be sure that you have an electrician to feed electricity to your pump, don't use extension cords.

You should open up your sump pump basin at least twice a year and run a garden hose in it and be sure that the pump goes on. You should also go outside and look at the discharge line and make sure that sump pump works.

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