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Stop Mold Before it Starts - Eliminate Wet Basements

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 20, 2012

With the onset of the warmer weather, basements can become damp and moist. Just the nature of the basement, being below grade, makes them inherent to water problems. The cool basement air mixes with the warmer outdoor air and warm basement foundation and creates humidity.

If your basement is damp or moist, mold can grow, causing severe health issues and making it more difficult for you to sell your home in the future. Mold thrives in basements were there can be wet drywall, wood or paint; all three being the favorite food for mold.

Often, cleaning mold with bleach does not help. While the surface mold may disappear temporarily, the underlying spores often remain allowing the mold to come back. Therefore, mold must be removed. Before mold starts, remove the water in the basement instead.

Controlling the humidity in the basement with a dehumidifier cuts down on the dampness in the air and stops mold growth. Repair any cracks in the concrete floor or foundation cracks that allow in water into your home. Continuous water damage or moisture in your home only makes the mold problem worse.
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