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Stone Foundations-Basement Waterproofing and Maintenance – MA, RI, NH & CT

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 06, 2014

Throughout New England, many small towns and major cities such as Boston, Worcester, Providence, Nashua and Hartford have several houses that were built with stone foundations.  These houses were built between the early 1800’s throughout the early 1900s. Over time, these stone foundations are in need of maintenance in order to maintain their structural integrity and to keep the basement free of water.

Some telltale signs that you stone foundation is in need of some attention are visual gaps between the stones, water leaks and/or a whitish powder on the floor next to the walls. During the stone foundation building process, mortar is placed between the stones to provide the bond that keeps the foundation strong. Over time, gaps between the stones in the foundation develop due to do age, moisture, temperature changes and the shifting of the landscape. When the mortar decays or is missing, the stones get loose, resulting in a weakening of the foundation and potentially creating structural issues. To preserve your stone foundation, a repair process called repointing is used. Stone foundation repointing entails removing crumbling mortar, cleaning the subject areas and repacking the area with new mortar. For stone foundation waterproofing, A-1 Foundation Crack Repair incorporates closed-cell polymer resins into the repair process. The closed cell-polymer resins expand within the wall, filling in tiny voids which are not visible from the interior or exterior and stopping moisture and water from entering your basement. The A-1 repointing method will help maintain structural integrity, prevent water infiltration, and reduce cold air infiltration and unwanted insects and rodents from entering your basement.

Quite often, we hear from homeowners, waterproofing companies recommending French drain systems and/or covering the stone walls with plastic to stop a small leak in a stone foundation. We have heard of prices for these repairs as high as $12,000. These costly French drain systems are not the best solution for a leaking stone foundation structure or the customer’s wallet. An experienced waterproofing professional that deals with leaking stone foundation can solve these problems for hundreds, not thousands of dollars. It is financially prudent to maintain your stone foundation before basement flooding or structural issues arise, resulting in costly repairs.

Homeowners and the weekend warriors should seek the advice and expertise of a professional stone foundation and basement waterproofing specialist.  Contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair Inc. today and speak to a live basement waterproofing professional.

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