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Solving a Leaky Basement Pipe on Cape Cod

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Recently we got a call from a homeowner on Cape Cod with a leaking pipe penetration. The homeowner had been fighting this abandoned pipe for years. Years ago the pipe was discontinued from the sewer line. unfortunately, the pipe has been leaking for years.

The homeowner told us that he has tried stuffing rags inside it to try to stop water, he has attempted to add about 8" of hydraulic cement into the pipe. He also tried 'as seen on TV" spray that is supposed to stop water. Nothing worked.

A1 Foundation Crack Repair went down the Cape and fixed it, we stopped his leaking pipe penetration problem.

We can't blame the guy from trying his DIY attempts. We stopped the leaking pipe by drilling a hole into the pipe through the hydraulic cement that he put in it. Through that hole we added a port, and buy use of an electric pump we were able to inject a liquid that is a closed cell polymer resin. That resin expanded and he has not had any water since.

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