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Snow and Bulkhead Leaks - Quincy, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 09, 2015

We have received more than 3 feet of snow over past two weeks across many cities/towns across the state of Massachusetts. The forecast is even predicting almost another 2 feet of snow this week (2/9/15). If you have read some of our previous A-1 Foundation Crack Repair blog posts, or listened to a few of our Crackman podcasts, you know that when the temperature rises during the day (when the sun is out) and falls below freezing at night, that this melting and freezing cycle can cause many problems with the concrete base that your bulkhead door is resting on and your foundation walls. Specifically, it can exacerbate any micro cracks and turn them into foundation wall crack leaks or bulkhead leaks. Once this process starts it can be difficult to diagnose/fix in cold weather conditions when there is four feet of snow in the way. To prevent foundation wall crack leaks and concrete bulkhead leaks please try and do the following before the snow freezes:

  • Remove any snow on top of bulkhead doors
  • Remove all snow around concrete base of bulkhead
  • Remove all snow that abuts the concrete foundation wall and bulkhead base
  • Make sure removed snow that is now piled quite high (these days) does not slope back towards bulkhead/and or foundation

Removing the snow can help prevent concrete wall cracks, foundation leaks, and leaking bulkheads. However, one also has to keep in mind that the removed snow (piles) will eventually melt, and we do not want this water rushing towards bulkhead base or foundation wall. Try to shovel snow as soon as possible before the melting freezing cycle occurs. This will be time well invested that could save you a lot of money.

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