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Sealing your Basement Bulkhead? Don't Do it Yourself! – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 05, 2016

Some homeowners have needed to seal a basement opening like bulkheads, basement windows, and walk-outs, but we have been running in to some serious issues where the DIY homeowners have had some pretty large leaks with novice work. But it hasn’t been only homeowners doing it, we’ve seen contractors who have been doing it as well. They may do an lovely looking job, but they may be filling it up with concrete or blocks and they are leaking. Leaking from the sides and bottom, and if it is block, those are filling with water and leaching through.

While contractors may have the skill to do concrete work, many don’t have the knowledge for the waterproofing part of the job. When you pour concrete it has water in it. When the water evaporates, it has voids. When you pour concrete on concrete you get what is called a cold joint and those voids are leaking. In that kind of leak, we drill small holes and then inject polymer resin with an electric pump so those voids are filled and creates a seal on the outside.

With concrete block, we actually use a weave carbon fiber blanket, injection process, or a crystallized quarts based material that leaches into the pours of the concrete and stops water from coming in. If a homeowner is going to fill in their basement door, window or bulkhead door, it is a good idea to call us even if they want to do it or have another contractor do it. We can put some things on the outside of the concrete or block that will stop it from leaking.

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