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Repointing job on a stone foundation - Arlington, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 15, 2016

We went to do a repointing job on a stone foundation in Arlington, MA. Stone foundations are not unusual in the town of Arlington since it has mostly older homes (many of which have been beautifully restored). We noticed that there was some sand and soil where the wall and floor met which tells us that there was quite a bit of erosion of the soil on the exterior of the home that was finding its way into the basement. In fact, we discovered a seedling of a plant about a foot tall that was growing inside the basement. We have also seen on other jobs wild mushrooms growing between the stones due to the plants finding their way in. When you see this type of problem, your basement is overdue for repointing. Repointing will add structural integrity to the stone foundation, reduce rodent intrusion and keep your basement warmer and dry.

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