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No Matter What You Use Your Basement for, it's a Pain When it Floods

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 12, 2011

There is no question that homes with basements provide us with much more space than those with only crawl spaces. Often, homeowners will put recreational rooms in the basement, or perhaps an office. Other times, the basement will be storage, a tool shed and a laundry room combined, but this still provides us with extra space upstairs. So, there is no point in going into why a wet basement is a bother.

Water in the basement is a problem, even if it is empty, (and they never are). There are really two different ways in which water can enter our basement, and both will entail some form of waterproofing. Water can either come in slowly, almost undetected or it can quickly invade our basement causing a flood.

Moisture is often a problem since basements are below ground level, even if it is not visible. It may show up as mold or mildew. Even if you can’t see the moisture, there are definite signs that it is there.

Doing a little bit of basement waterproofing for this usually means installing a basement dehumidifier which will run on a regular basis, at least through the summer, fall and spring.

Of course, the other way you can get water in the basement is all at once, a flood. This can be destructive, especially if you use the basement for living space or storage. If the water is coming in at one specific location, sealing that location is necessary.

However, if your basement floods on a regular basis, measures that can be taken to fix this.

Having a problem with water in your basement is simply keeping you from enjoying part of your house. Although waterproofing your basement is going to take a little bit of work, it will all be well worth the effort whenever you can take this part of your home back again.

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