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My Bulkhead is Leaking. What should I do?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Here in MA, RI, CT and NH, most houses have basements. A bulkhead is usually metal, you can open this door that is on an angle from the outside and then go down some stairs into the basement.

When a bulkhead is leaking you'll often see a puddle at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. The puddle is just where the water gathers, that doesn't mean that is where it is leaking. You want to try to see where it comes from. Take a look at the stairs, if they are concrete you may be able to see water lines. It could be coming from the metal doors themselves, or where the metal door is attached to the concrete. If you can see any of that, you may want to go into the basement and have someone spray the metal door with the garden hose. You'll see if it is coming in through there.

Another spot where water can come in is if it is a pre-cast bulkhead, meaning the stairs are made somewhere else and bolted onto the foundations.

Put the hose where the stairs and foudation meet. Let the water run for about 45 minutes, turn it off for 15, and do that a few times. You'll see water come in where the bulkhead set of stairs are bolted to the house.

So, to recap you'll see water come in through the doors, where the door is attached to the foundation or at the seams where hte pre-cast stairs meet the house.

If you run your water you are going to see exactly where the leak is coming from.

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