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Live Video Shows Water Squirting from a Foundation - Boston, Sharon, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 07, 2016

We posted a blog a few weeks ago with an amazing video that a customer posted of water literally squirting from a foundation wall crack.

We got a call from Sharon, MA the other day when we were getting that heavy rain. It was a block foundation where water was squirting out at the seams where some blocks meet in a block foundation. They were concerned, and rightfully so, that the water was going to keep on going in and ruin their furnace and hot water tank.

We went over and looked at the situation. We decided that we were going to use a crystalized quartz based material. What happened was the mortar between the cinder blocks had deteriorated and there was enough water pressure to cause these squirts coming out like someone was using a garden hose.

We used this crystalized quartz material and we were able to stop the water from coming in, even at the pressure that it was entering. These people were very thankful.

Now, we have gone to jobs where people have tried and tried to use hydraulic cement and it really doesn’t work. With our 17 years of knowledge in this business we can usually come up with the right material and method to apply it to stop water from coming into a basement. For more information on repairing foundation cracks, contact A1 Foundation Crack Repair.



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