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Leaking Tie Rod, Snap Tie, Pinhole Repairs in Basement Foundation Walls – MA, RI, NH & CT

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 23, 2014
  1. What are Tie Rods?

    Tie rods/snap ties are small metal rods that are found in poured concrete foundations that go through the foundation from the inside to the outside. On the inside of the foundation the tie rods/ snap ties look like a series of small pinholes/dimples. When concrete is poured, tie rods are used to separate and hold the wood forms apart. Then the concrete is poured between the wood forms. When the concrete has cured, the forms are removed and the metal tie rods are snapped off at the surface of the concrete.

  2. Why do Tie Rods Leak?

    When the tie rods are snapped off, the ends are left exposed in the foundation and on the exterior of the foundation. The moisture from the soil and/or air in the basement causes the metal tie rod/form ties to rust. When the tie rod/snap ties rust they deteriorate and get smaller. When the tie rods get smaller this is when you will have leaking tie rods or some people come the leaking snap ties.

  3. How Much Water can Leak from a Single Tie Rod?

    Homeowners may be surprised by this but 1 leaking tie rod can ruin an entire basement. Gallons upon gallons of water can penetrate through this small void in your basement walls and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

  4. Are there any signs that a tie rod has leaked or is going to leak?

    If you notice a rust color or white powder material around or underneath the tie rod, these are signs that water has leak through or is forthcoming. The white powdery substance is efflorescence, which is simply the salts and minerals of the concrete being pushed out from water pressure. If you notice either of these signs the tie rod should be repaired before any serious leaks occur.

  5. How are leaking tie rods repaired?

    The good news is that the repair can be achieved through the inside, avoiding costly exterior excavation. A-1 Foundation Crack Repair’s warrantied repair method for leaking tie rods is achieved by encapsulating the tie rod by injecting a closed-cell polymer resin into the concrete and around the tie rod.

  6. Is there any preventative maintenance that will help stop the future problem of leaking tie rods or leaking snap ties?

    By code, tie rods/ snap ties are to be sealed from the outside. During the back fill process or with age, the seals breaks down or decays. By placing a high quality butyl sealant on the tie rod ends that are visible on the inside of foundation, this is a preventative measure that will help prevent from having leaking tie rods or leaking snap ties whether you live in Boston, Worcester, Milford, Providence, Quincy or Hartford.

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