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Leaking pipe penetration in Dedham MA floods basement

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 15, 2020

In this episode, we examine a picture the Crackman attached to his blog.  It looks like a muddy pit that shows a pipe of some sort that is going into a foundation through a hole that is about 3 times bigger than the diameter of the pipe.  What happened here?  The Crackman explains.

Narrator: It’s time once again for the “Crack Man Podcast” hosted by A1 Foundation Crack Repair. I’m Darren Kincaid here with the Crack Man himself, Rich Comeras. Rich has 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and over 25 years as the president and founder of A1 Foundation Crack Repair. This podcasts provides expert basement waterproofing, concrete repair, and preventative maintenance tips for homeowners and businesses. A1 Foundation’s valuable insight will help avert a disastrous flood within the basement, health problems associated with water infiltration, and protect your biggest investment….your home. The topic of today’s podcast: Leaking pipe penetration in Dedham, MA floods basement.

Narrator: So Rich, I’m looking at a picture you sent over. Looks like a muddy pit that shows a pipe of some sort that is going into a foundation through a hole that is about 3 times bigger than the diameter of the pipe. What happened here? Did you dig that out?

Rich: No, no we didn’t. What had happened is I had a homeowner in Dedham, MA give me a call, and he had told me that he had a flooded basement, so he decided that he would dig out on the outside where that sewer pipe was. And what he had there was a hole around that sewer pipe, and when he was on the inside, it looked like a nice clean job where they cemented around the sewer pipe. But when they went outside and dug, you can see there just wasn’t anything there. There’s just a little bit of concrete in there towards the inside, and naturally that concrete, ‘coz it doesn’t hold water back, and somebody had patched it on the inside, prior. So that homeowner in Dedham, he worked really hard and dug a beautiful hole there, and we came out, we fixed it. Well, you don’t need to dig it out from the outside at all, we can repair it right from the inside by drilling small holes in that area, putting our ports in and then injecting a closed cell polymer resin material that’ll encapsulate it. And it is a warrantied service, so unless you really want the excess signs of digging a beautiful hole about 6 feet down, you can do it or we can fix it from the inside. No need to dig it on the outside.

Narrator: So, it’s kind of like arthroscopic surgery, right? You don’t need to cut a big hole into the body then do the surgery, that you can do through a very small placement, right?

Rich: That is exactly it.

Narrator: Awesome. Thanks, Rich, for explaining this interesting picture from a customer who had a leaking pipe penetration. Now this just goes to show that if you call the Crackman first and explain the problem, you might be able to save yourself a whole lot of work.                             

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