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Leaking Bulkheads Need Waterproofing - Boston, Providence

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 07, 2013

Unfortunately, one of the easiest ways for water to enter your home is through a leaking bulkhead. The bulkhead allows you to enter and exit your home via the basement. However, if you can enter your basement through a bulkhead, water may be able to also.

Older bulkheads may begin to leak as the seals become dry or damaged. Bulkheads on newer homes can also leak if the contractor has not applied-, or not correctly applied-, a waterproof sealant between the stairway and basement foundation before attaching the stairs and doors to the foundation. This sealant will help prevent water from entering your home when it rains. Homes move during temperature changes, and this can cause leaking bulkheads too.

Most of the time, bulkheads are separate from the house and they are bolted to the foundation walls. Bulkhead leaks are caused when the bulkhead moves away from the foundation walls. There is a seal that is placed between the bulkhead unit and the walls, this is designed to stop bulkhead water leaks.

From age, that seal can crack, get damaged or break and water can enter the basement when it rains. Also the seal can be damaged during the winter freeze and the spring thaw. As the ground swells and then compresses again, damage to the water proof bulkhead seal can occur.

If you have a leaking bulkhead, contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair, a water proofing specialist. We have several bulkhead leak repair solutions depending on the style of your bulkhead.

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