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Is Basement Leaking or is it Condensation?

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, January 23, 2010

A simple quick test to determine if you are having a water leak through your foundation wall is to tape a piece of plastic or tin foil to the wall where you suspect water is coming in. Make sure you tape down all the sides, and then wait a few days. If beads of moisture have formed on the inside of the foil/plastic and between it and the wall, you have a leak coming through that wall. If there is moisture on the outside of the foil/plastic, your basement is suffering from a moisture problem.

Condensation is a result of too much moisture in the air. When there is too much moisture in your basement, the coolness of the walls pulls the moisture out of the air and the water droplets sit on the walls, metal, and other cool surfaces, creating a damp basement.

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