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Is your Wet Basement caused by your Town’s Missing Water? – MA, RI, NH & CT

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Upon reading this Sunday’s MetroWest Daily News, I came across an article written by Zachary Comeau, titled “Towns struggle to track missing water”. The article highlighted 13 MetroWest towns throughout Massachusetts (Ashland, Medway, Hopkinton, Bellingham, Framingham, Holliston, Milford, Sudbury, Franklin, Hopedale, Natick, Southborough, & Northborough) and their trouble with unaccounted water supply. According to the state Department of Environmental Protection’s water conservation standards, 10% is the maximum threshold of unaccounted water for a particular community. Out of the 13 towns, Ashland was the worst of the group with 28% of unaccounted water, while Northborough led the way with only 5% of unaccounted water. The other towns who were also above this threshold were Milford (14%), Holliston (15%), Framingham (19%), Bellingham (20%), and Medway (22%).

What attributes to unaccounted water?

  • Metering issues, broken or faulty meters
  • Leaking Pipes connected to fire hydrants
  • Water pipes that pass in front of your house off of the main water pipe
  • Main water pipe leaks underground

So where does the missing water go?

  • Into nearby lakes or streams
  • Remains underground, unseen to the naked eye
  • Underground and into your basement

How do I Know if missing town water is causing a basement leak?

The first sign that town water may be causing a basement leak is water penetrating into your basement when there hasn’t been any rain for days or even weeks. If this is the case, we recommend gathering a sample of the water that has entered your basement. Next step would be to call your town’s water department and have them check the water you collected to see if there is any chlorine or fluoride. In a few days you will hear back from the town with the results. In fact, we have come across this exact situation and a few customers had positive results from the town.

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