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Is your basement wall crack really leaking?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 02, 2020

The Crackman covers another interesting case study. This time, it's about a mystery puddle in the basement.

Narrator: It’s time once again for the “Crack Man Podcast” hosted by A1 Foundation Crack Repair. I’m Darren Kincaid here with the Crack Man himself, Rich Comeras. Rich has 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and over 25 years as the president and founder of A1 Foundation Crack Repair. This podcasts provides expert basement waterproofing, concrete repair, and preventative maintenance tips for homeowners and businesses. A1 Foundation’s valuable insight will help avert a disastrous flood within the basement, health problems associated with water infiltration, and protect your biggest investment….your home. The topic of today’s podcast: Is your foundation crack really leaking? A case study from Danvers, MA.

Narrator: So Rich, you have another interesting case study to share with your listeners, what do you have for us today?

Rich: Yes, I got a call from a customer a while back and he saw water coming from that crack in a poured concrete foundation. We went out, we fixed it, tested it, and everything’s fine. That was probably about a year and a half ago. And guy calls me up and says, I think that crack’s leaking. I said take a picture of it. So he took a picture of it, and he told me like three or four feet away from the crack is a puddle. It’s in this hot summer weather, so I called him back and said, why don’t you stand where the puddle is and look up. Well he looked up, and lo and behold, there were some water pipes that were sweating and dripping water. That puddle was from a water pipe that was sweating. I guess the lesson to be learned from this story is if you want to check and be sure your crack is leaking, you could take a garden hose and put it outside against that crack and run it for 45 minutes, and turn it off for 15, and do it once, twice or three times. And if water comes in at the bottom or within the crack, then it’s leaking. And the other thing is if it’s leaking away from that crack, but the crack isn’t leaking itself, you may want to look up in this hot humid weather and see if you have any hot water or cold water pipes that are leaking.

Narrator: Well, very good Rich. I guess basement water can come from a wide variety of sources, right? And it’s good to know that you run an honest business that will always provide the straight answers to homeowners with basement water problems.

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