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Is that Crack in Your Garage Floor Safe? – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 04, 2016

There was a disastrous cave-in where someone fell through their porch! A homeowner had a concrete floor, and the gentleman was doing something on his porch. It gave way and he ended up 15 feet down. Luckily he had his cell phone and he was able to call the fire department and they came and got him out.

I started looking online about this. This isn’t the first time. Apparently this has been happening quite a lot over the years.

This is similar to a job we recently went out on. It was one we needed to go out and look at. It was in a garage with cracks that went across it pretty much in straight lines. I went into the basement because the garage floor was the basement ceiling. There were cracks there too. I mentioned to the customer that he should have a structural engineer look at it.  The structural engineer wanted us to fill the cracks with epoxy.

I went out there with one of my technicians because something just didn’t seem right to me. My technician chiseled the crack just a little bit. What we found was the re-bar in the concrete had rusted corroded and had absolutely zero strength. I could break it with my fingernail. They wanted to park cars in there. I had them call back the structural engineer. My guess is he is going to recommend that they tear that whole floor up. Not every concrete crack is what it seems.

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