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Is that a Foundation Crack Leak or Condensation? – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We went out and looked out a house in Dorchester, MA where a woman had a foundation crack in a poured concrete foundation. You could actually see the water coming in through the crack and we fixed it.

About a month later she called me up and said she was getting water in the basement. I asked her if it was near the crack, and she said it was about 5 feet away in the middle of the foundation wall. We went out to take a look at it.

Before our appointment she had a plumber there for another situation. There was a puddle there on the floor. They looked up and found dripping water from the cold water pipes, not because it was leaking from a hole in the pipe, but because of condensation. We see this a lot this time of year with the hot temperatures and the cold pipes. They insulated the pipes and she was all set.

Another cause of condensation in the basement this time of year is that people tend to open the windows to let fresh air in. But, the air is full of moisture which causes additional problems like mold and mildew in the basement. My advice would be to keep the windows closed and get a dehumidifier to get the moisture out of the air.

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