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Is a Sump Pump Necessary in this Home in Franklin, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 13, 2018

We went out to do a repair on a poured foundation crack that was leaking. We did our injection because it was a wet crack that was leaking, we stopped the water.

About 3 weeks later we got a call from the homeowner. She was so happy that the crack had stopped leaking, but she was getting water on the floor of her basement. I stopped in, she showed me where it was.

There was a crack in the floor, but no water was there. I was looking around, and all of a sudden some water showed up in the middle of the floor. I felt the water, it was warm.

I asked her if anyone upstairs was doing anything with water. Her husband was washing dishes. So, we put some food coloring in some water and sent it down the drain. It was not that the water table was coming up and would require a sump pump. It was that there was a crack in the sewer line under her floor.

So, she called a plumber who opened the floor or ran a line above the floor and ran a line to the sewer in the street.

I was happy to help her solve her problem.

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