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I Have a Small Pinhole Leak in my Foundation Wall - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, November 14, 2013
Richard Comeras (President) – November 14, 2013

Year after year we hear from inquiring customers about small pinhole leaks in their foundation walls. These small pinholes/dimples are known in the construction industry as tie rods.  When concrete is poured, tie rods are used to separate the wood forms.  When the concrete has cured and is solid, the forms are removed and the metal tie rods are snapped off at the surface of the concrete.

When the tie rods are snapped, the ends are left exposed, unless a sealant is applied to cover the dimples.  Builders who seal the tie rods, this will prevent the remaining portion of the tie rods from rusting.  If not properly sealed, moisture in the air causes rusting.  The rusting causes the tie rod to shrink and deteriorate and allows water to penetrate into your basement.

The good news is that the repair can be achieved through the inside, avoiding costly exterior excavation.  A-1 Foundation Crack Repair’s warrantied repair method for leaking tie rods is achieved by encapsulating the tie rod by injecting a closed-cell polymer resin into the concrete and around the tie rod.

If you have any leaking tie rods in your basement, contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair today to receive a free estimate.

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