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How Leaks Appear in your Home's Foundation

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 14, 2011

Slab leaks refer-to water seepage of plumbing pipes set up in or under the concrete slab foundation of a residence. Under particular situations slab pipes seep out water and bring about expensive structural destruction. Out of view, drippy underground pipes are not all the time detectable unless homeowners apprehend the most common slab leak red flags. For their disruptive features, slab water seepages demand early on discovery before critical destruction arises.

Homeowners must look-out for the following symptoms of water leaks below slab concrete: elevated water bills, sound of running water when water flow is switched off, excessive humidity under carpets, warm spots on floors or cracks on walls and floors. If your property shows the above warning signs, take immediate action and allow A-1 to repair this problem. Concrete leaking slab happen under certain conditions. Corroded pipes are more vulnerable to seep out water.

Shattering the concrete slab foundation to find the drippy origin is unsatisfactory. Should you be having any foundation leaks or basement crack problems be sure to contact us today and put our professional team to work for you.

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