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How to Spot and Properly Repair a Leak from a Granite Block Foundation - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

We got a call the other day from one of the premier real-estate investment companies who had water coming in from under one of their finished walls in the basement. We instructed them to remove the sheet rock so they could see the block foundation and where the water was coming from.

They called back and said that it was leaking from between the blocks that make up the foundation and that it was also leaking from where those blocks and the cement floor meet.

Unfortunately they tried to stop the leaks with hydraulic cement but they still had a  leaking block foundation. We went in, and first we removed the hydraulic cement. Then we used a a combination of techniques to stop the leaking. We used oakum soaked in closed-cell polymer resin and worked that in between the stones where it expanded to stop the leaks. In other areas we drilled small holes, inserted ports and injected some closed cell polymer resin which expands and stopped the leak.

It is not unusual to see granite block foundation leaks in both residential and commercial construction.

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