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How to Prevent Basement Water When the Snow Melts - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 03, 2017

We have  had problems in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire with the snow that we have had. The snow on the ground is going to melt, but so is the snow on our roofs. We want to keep that out of the basement.

First, go into the basement and see if there are any water stains because places that leaked before will leak again. We can get that fixed for you.

But what you can do yourself is walk around your house and see if your downspouts and the pipe that goes from the downspout over the ground is far enough from the foundation and that the water runs away from your house.

Next, be aware of the snow that falls off your roof. That may need to be removed, so it doesn’t melt into the basement.

One big culprit is the bulkhead leaking. The snow starts to melt and gets heavier; you want to shovel that snow off the bulkhead to take the weight off of it. You also want to shovel snow from around the bulkhead, because you want to remove the snow from the metal and from the concrete it is sitting on.  Shovel it about four feet away.

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