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How to Ensure your House Sells for Top Dollar in the Winter – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 04, 2016

A1 Foundation Crack Repair works with a lot of real estate agents who contract with us to help them get a home ready for sale. Therefore we have amassed a wealth of wisdom that can help homeowners get top dollar when they sell their homes in winter.

With all the snow we have gotten in the last few winters, you want to be sure that the real estate For Sale sign is visible. When it is hidden by snow, no one can see that your home is for sale.  That makes it harder for your selling broker to find the house. Also, that sign is advertising your house 24/7.

You want to welcome your guests into your home without any lawsuits. You want to be sure that your walkways are shoveled and salted. Also, be sure your walkways are nice and wide open and welcoming, not narrow and hard to navigate.

Don’t be cheap with your heat. Don’t turn the heat down because you are not going to be there. Keep the house comfortable so that potential buyers are comfortable.

Be sure your windows are nice and clean. Sun coming through can show a dirty window, and you want the bright shining sun coming in. You  want your home to be as bright as possible.

Even though it is winter, you still want to show off that nice deck or patio. It is an asset so show it off. People do want to think about potential outdoor activities at the “new home”.

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