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How to eliminate Basement Floor Puddles and Dampness - Garage floor Dampness and Puddles – MA, RI, NH & CT

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 24, 2014

At A-1 Foundation Crack Repair, we often receive calls from homeowners and commercial accounts that mention puddles or dampness on their basement floor or garage floor when there has been no rain for days or even weeks. 

The first areas to investigate when the garage or basement floor has dampness or puddles even when there has been no rain for weeks:

Areas to Investigate:

  • Leaking or sweating hot water tank.
  • Leaking or sweating water pipes.
  • Leaking condensation pump. These pumps are the size of a small shoe box that are near you furnace.
  • Leaking water pipe on the exterior of the building. These leaking pipes could be as far as 60 feet away. The types of pipes that leak are water main or braches coming to your home. We have seen quite a few water lines that go to fire hydrants or the fire hydrant itself that is leaking below grade that find its way into you basement that cause a basement leaks or dampness. We have seen this happen in Providence RI, Hudson, MA, Chelmsford, MA, Manchester, NH and New Hartford, CT.

THE MOST COMMON CAUSE OF BASEMENT DAMPNESS or puddles on garage or basement floors even when there is no rain is CONDENSATION. Condensation occurs when moist, humid air contacts the cold concrete floor or walls. Condensation also occurs early in the morning when there is dew on the grass. This occurs because the soil is colder that the moist air.

The Solution:

  • Identify and repair any leaking or sweating pipes, water tanks, condensation pumps.
  • If none of the above situations exist, you can assume that concrete floor puddles or dampness are caused by condensation. Install a dehumidifier. Do not open the windows if the humidity is above 50% humidity.

Whether you live in Boston, Worcester, Shrewsbury, Providence, Weston or Hartford, if you have puddles or dampness in your basement, contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair today to help you with your dehumidification systems.


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