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How Repointing Stone Foundations Solves Rat and Water Problems - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 25, 2018

I recently did a repointing job in Quincy. I was referred to them by a pest control company who will take care of the rats once they are inside. But, they do not stop the rats or mice from coming in through the foundation. Especially with stone foundations where there is mortar between the stones. Rats can gnaw on this and make larger holes.

We went into Quincy, where they have such a problem, there are actually grants to help homeowners take care of the problem, even in the nicer areas.

We went in and took out the mortar that was loose or non-existent and put new mortar back in between the stones to stop the rats. With our trucks out there, we had other people in the neighborhood come over and ask us for work, so needless to say we have worked with quite a few pest control companies.

I also learned that rats can reproduce very quickly. Just two rats can have up to 12,050 pups a year. Not only are we repairing stone foundations and repointing them for water infiltration, we are also helping to stop rat and mouse infiltration into a house. This stops the diseases they carry and the damage they can cause.

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