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How Much of a Basement Wall Crack do you Need to Fix? Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 03, 2016

Let’s say you have a large crack in a basement wall but only the bottom half is leaking, is that the only part you need to fix?

Of course you need to fix the leaking part. But water will always find a “door” to come in. So, once you fix the leak on the bottom of the crack, odds are you’ll start  to see leaking above or below where you fixed. In order to say time, money and aggravation, you should fix the entire crack.

We’ve seen this happen. We recently had a case where the homeowner had a crack in a concrete foundation. They wanted to save money so they only wanted to fix part of the foundation crack. We explained what could happen. Within two weeks they called us back  and asked us to come out and repair the top.

Say you have two vertical cracks in the foundation, and one is leaking while the other is not. If they are within 8’ to 10’ of each other, but our advice would be to repair both cracks. We’ve seen this again and again.  Homeowners repair the leaking foundation crack, put up sheet rock, and all of a sudden have water coming in the basement. Now they have to remove the sheet rock and repair the second crack.

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