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Home Insurance Video Series: Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Damage Caused By Tree Roots?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Crackman, Rich Comeras, as a public service, shares common questions that homeowners have regarding a wide range of homeowner insurance coverages. Today he is joined by his friend, Peter Marshall, from Marshall Insurance where they discuss: DOES HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE COVER FOUNDATION DAMAGE CAUSED BY TREE ROOTS?

Rich: Hi, this is Rich from A1 Foundation Crack Repair, we take care of any foundation issues. I’m here with my friend, Peter from Marshall Insurance. And we’ve been getting calls and seeing issues caused by trees, but let’s start talking about the roots of the trees. We see roots that grow and it pushes in on the foundation and causes damage, cracks, and so forth. Is that covered under your homeowners insurance?

Peter: No, that’s typically not going to be covered. For things that happen underground over time like that, the foundation, the damage to the foundation is not typically going to be covered. The coverage for foundations is limited because it’s exposed to so much more being underground. Things like, the roots growing into the foundation, or settling, or earth movement, or things like that, it won’t be covered.

Rich: Good to know. This is Rich from A1 Foundation Crack Repair. If you have any questions with foundations or insurance issues, feel free to call myself, or Peter Marshall for the insurance.  

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