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Home Inspection Saves Home Seller from Lally Column Disaster

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 26, 2017

I was called to take a look at some lally columns at a beautiful house in South Yarmouth that had been in the family for many many years, a second generation home. It was right on the water, it has a swimming pool and next to the swimming pool is a private beach on the ocean.

The seller had a pre-inspection done by a home inspector that I know. The homeowner said that "some of the floors seem a little soft, like if you jump they move a little bit." The inspector went downstairs, it was a crawl space. He discovered a whole history of lally column there. There were temporary ones, those have a screw jack on them and they were rusted. In fact, if I kicked them, they would fall right off. There were some which were on footings that were steel filled with concrete, but they were sitting on sand. There were some that did have footings but they were rusted on the bottom because of all the humidity in the basement. This was the big problem. We had to go in there and address the lally column replacement. Not only that, but there were a lot of cracks which were letting the humid sea air in.

This was all caused by moisture. It was a good thing that these folks had a pre-inspection. The solution: We installed new lally columns, we fixed the cracks, and next we are putting in a real good, high-end dehumidifier in to take the moisture away.

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